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A 4-year-old boy in the United States underwent partial vas deferens resection while undergoing hernia surgery



A family in Texas, USA, accused the state’s pediatric hospital of forcing a 4-year-old son to have a partial vas deferens resection after making a mistake during repair surgery for an inguinal hernia.

parents Josh and Krystal Brod Blame Texas Children’s Hospital, United States In the middle of Hernia surgery, her 4-year-old son accidentally underwent partial vas deferens resection during surgery ..

According to the information provided by insiderThe child was manipulated using Laparoscopic surgery By hospital urologist, Susan L. Jaros, and residents.

The surgery was successful, but a few days later, when a pathological report of the hernia sac was delivered, they were able to detect tissue from the vas deferens. Before ejaculating with the removed hernia, there was a substance from the tube that carried the sperm to the urethra ..

The Family lawyer, Randy Sollers Explained it “A doctor who entered through laparoscopy (that is, means no open incision) and performed surgery using the 2D model displayed on the monitor, what he amputated. I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what I was doing and cut the wrong tube. ” ..

On demand, The family guarantees that the Texas Children’s Hospital has notified them of the error. By a urologist who took the boy to a partial vas deferens resection and its consequences, So they decided to take legal action against the professionals, saying that “the lack of regular care violated standard care.” ..

What risks does your child face?

According to the numbers from Cleveland Clinic, Inguinal hernia Impact between 1% and 5% of children under 6 years old By becoming It’s not a general condition So There are no errors in these steps ..

However, for this 4-year-old boy who underwent accidental partial vas deferens resection, Long-term risks and consequences that is “Future medical costs, future pain, mental distress, future malformation phobia, disability, and future costs for fertility treatment” The boy’s parents were charged in a proceeding.

But you have to remember Vasectomy is reversible by duct reconnection operation detail Mayo ClinicAs a result, for children who suffer from a partial incision in the tube Never suffer from permanent infertility But yes Raising children will be even more difficult in the future ..

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