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‘Sleeping chickens’: US health agency warns of risk of viral TikTok cold challenge



The US health agency, the FDA, has warned of the risks faced by young people who undertake the perilous ‘sleeping chicken’ challenge. In addition to this, they provided recommendations for adolescent parents.

U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDAwhich is its acronym), issued a statement warning about “Sleeping chicken” , Dangerous viral TikTok challenge .

Challenges that “promise” to alleviate cold symptoms Boil the chicken in Nyquil, a cough suppressant syrup that are sold in that country.

Health authorities have detected a large number of micro-videos uploaded to the platform. It explains how to perform the challenge. The administrator advised against sharing records and warned of the dangers of this compound.

“Boiling the drug may make it more concentrated and change its properties in other ways.” agency wrote.

On top of this, he added, even not eating “sleeping chickens” can be detrimental to your health. “Breathing drug vapors while cooking can put high levels of the drug into your body. It can also damage your lungs.” .

“Recipe of Danger”

Children and adolescents are usually more prone to this type of “challenge,” according to management. The power of social media and peer pressure to execute .

they called this “Recipe of Danger” For this reason, because doing any of these things can kill young people trend.

Faced with this, the FDA has recommended that parents and guardians of these minors keep the drug away from their children. “Keep both prescription and over-the-counter medications out of reach of children and lock these medications to prevent accidental overdose.” they pointed out.

Another directive from the agency is to talk to young people and detail the dangers they face if they undertake these challenges. “Talk about the dangers of substance abuse and how social media trends can cause real and sometimes irreparable damage.” .

In addition to this, they always recommended obtaining information through safe and accurate channels regarding drug use. Certified Doctor and Medication Manual .

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