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A strategic council for the renovation of the health care system was established and is headed by Tjaša Sobočan



The Minister of Health appointed the strategic council for a period of one year with the possibility of extension

On October 1, Minister of Health Danijel Bešič Loredan established a strategic council, which will prepare a proposal for framework changes for the renovation of the health care system, including in the field of digitization and financing of health care.

The Ministry’s wish is for the strategic council to prepare the first starting points for the new system arrangement by the end of December this year, and by the end of March next year, an overarching strategic document on which the drafting of legislation would be based, with the strategic goal being a new social agreement for the next 20 years“, the Ministry of Health emphasizes.

According to them, the main task of the strategic council is to prepare a framework proposal for the necessary systemic changes for the renovation of the health care system, the ministry explains. Among other things, the members will prepare alternatives for the health system for the next 20 years and a proposal for a model of a public health service delivery network that could combine both health and social services, either at the regional or central level.

The Council will also examine the financing of the health system, the possible transformation of the Institute for Health Insurance of Slovenia, and adjustments to mandatory and supplementary health insurance. He will prepare a proposal for improving the quality and safety management system of medical treatment.

The document to be prepared by the council will include proposals for increasing digitization in healthcare as soon as possible, as well as ways to promote intergenerational solidarity in healthcare to ensure equal rights to health and social security for all. She will lead the world Tjaša Sobočanotherwise employed in the government service for digital transformation.

The council members are also a surgeon Erik Breceljformer Minister of Health, now an employee of the Celjenje Health Institute Dorjan Marušičlawyer Greg Strban from the Ljubljana Faculty of Law, State Secretary at the Ministry of Health Azra Hercegformer director of the youth office Dolores Kores, Boris Zgrablić from the Ministry of Health, member of the DZ Lucia Tacer (Freedom) and Valentina Prevolnik Rupel from the Institute for Economic Research.

Marušič was initially expected to lead the strategic council, but he did not decide to do so because he would have to be 20% employed by the Ministry of Health, which was not acceptable for him, Loredan Bešič explained to Dela.

The members of the strategic council have met four times in working meetings, and the first official meeting will be held on October 13. The strategic council will formally meet once a month, and in between the members will also meet remotely.

The Minister of Health appointed the strategic council for a period of one year with the possibility of extension, the Ministry of Health also announced.

Source: Rtvslo

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