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Chilean scientists seek to clarify whether Covid is linked to heart disease risk



A group of Chilean researchers are trying to determine whether Covid infection is linked to the risk of developing heart and cardiovascular disease.

A group of Chilean scientists from two universities and foundations are seeking Reveal whether Covid infection increases the risk of developing heart-related disease .

This is a joint survey with border university , Magellan University and the Arturo Lopez Perez Foundation .

research search Determine if people sick with Covid are at increased risk of heart disease in the medium to long term they wrote from college campus of Temuco.

about, Alvaro Cerda, project manager said they already exist “Information linking Covid to cardiovascular health where some conditions such as obesity and diabetes are associated with more serious conditions” .

On this, he added that there is also research on: “They showed that people with Covid exhibited changes related to cardiovascular risk factors, making treatment difficult during infection. However, its possible consequences are still unclear. the latter being the object of study.

In addition to this “Identify factors in this disease that can lead to more serious events and avoid them.” says the university.

Experts said what they expected in this study “Confirm or rule out a relationship between this virus and the risk of developing cardiovascular disease” because these conditions are “one of the leading causes of death in our country and the world.”

As a result, the research results “They provide critical information for decision-making and create preventative public health strategies that focus on populations at greatest risk.” Declared the director of the project.

How can I participate in research?

Researchers hope to bring together 400 volunteers according to emor,to this 1.5 year follow-up a period in which there are only two interactions with the patient.

Those participating in the research medical evaluation and testing , will be completely free. Samples taken for research are Temuco in Center of Excellence for Translational Medicine UFRO (CEMT), Santiago with the dependencies of FALPMore ,and Punta Arenas in Education Support and Research Center UMAG’s (CADI) has designated the university on its website.

For the requirements of those who wish to volunteer, they must meet between 30 and 70 years old , not diagnosed with diabetes before the pandemic world Not hyperthyroid or hypothyroid they specified.

Those who wish to participate can contact the email [email protected] or WhatsApp +56 9 58531676.

Source: Biobiochile

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