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Khosta-2, this is how a new Russian virus similar to Covid was discovered: cases began in 2020


A few days ago it was announced that another virus similar to Covid had been found in Russia. However, a bat-derived pathogen had caused cases in animals two years earlier.

was revealed at the end of September. Hosta-2 a new virus discovered in Russia, First case in animals occurred in 2020 .

As noted in a study led by University of Washington virologist Michael Letko the first samples of the virus were collected between March and October two years ago.

At that point they were removed “Bat samples near Sochi National Park” in Russia, designated research.

Two viruses, Khosta-1 and Khosta-2, were identified from the analyzed tissues, although records initially stated that they were of “low risk to humans.” european press.

However, in the second case, the results showed: “His features worried me.” . this is Similarity to Sars-Cov 2 virus, another type of sarvecovirus .

Like Covid, Khosta-2 infects human cells by binding to the ACE2 receptor using the Spike (S) protein. according to the EFE.

On the origin of viruses, a study published in pros pathogen He claims this is related. “Another sarvecovirus discovered in Bulgaria in 2008, known as BM48-31 or Bg08.” In addition to Pathogens found in Uganda and Rwanda Before.

According to the information in the above media, Khosta-2 could not be neutralized by sera from groups vaccinated against Covid that is, the new Russian virus may violate the protection conferred by these vaccines .

Researchers also A person infected with the Omicron subspecies But the antibody had no effect .

letko showed it “Fortunately, this new virus lacks some of the genes thought to be involved in human pathogenesis.” . Risk of recombination With a second virus such as SARS-CoV-2.

As a result, it recommended conducting research to create Universal vaccine against sarvecovirus, not just specific compounds against various viruses .

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