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Covid’s last registered infections have lower viral load, faster recovery



A recent Spanish study detected a pattern in the latest cases of Covid. They claim that the protection conferred by the vaccine results in less aggressive infections and faster recovery.

A surveillance study conducted by Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) has found a pattern in the latest recorded Covid cases. The researchers concluded: Infected people have a low viral load and recover quickly .

According to the same study, this immune system advancement protection conferred by vaccines .

Complutense Observatory Prediction – Covid 19 The number of emerging infectious diseases at Madrid’s Complutense University (UCM) found that the Covid pandemic reached a low infectious state in September.

About 60 positives had low viral loads and cleared within days. “These positives may reflect episodic infections of low intensity and duration that are rapidly resolved by people with high levels of immune protection as a result of previous vaccinations and infections. ” they warn.

Stabilization of infection data is therefore about 800 per 100,000 population It was detected in 14 days, as inferred from a systematic analysis of university communities implementing this program. In July, when the infection peaked, 5,400 out of 100,000 .

“The extent to which these low-intensity and possibly very transient infections can sustain the presence of different virus strains in the population is something to be investigated. they wonder.

Given that New virus strains continue to emerge ,and Uncertainty that the current state of immunity continues to protect us Among them all, experts recommend “Maintain vigilance regarding adequate ventilation of public spaces and the use of masks in situations of high occupancy in enclosed spaces.” .

The ANTICIPA-UCM project brings together 42 research groups from the Complutense University of Madrid, 2 research groups from the High Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) and 2 research groups from the Technology-Based Enterprises (EBT). The purpose of this program is to develop tools against the COVID-19 pandemic and its structure aims to demonstrate the ability of researchers to achieve productive synergies.

Source: Biobiochile

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