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Research shows humans prefer doing physical activity to doing difficult mental tasks


According to one study, it is entirely human nature to prefer physical effort to mental effort, even if it involves physical pain.

If you are one of those who find it easier I’d rather train for a marathon in 3 months than learn logarithms , should not feel less capable. This is because science confirms that: it would be a purely human trait .

A study by Canadian scientists in cognitive science and psychology found that People often prefer physical exercise that can even cause pain to difficult mental tasks .

In a study reported by washington postit’s details This choice is due to the fact that they prefer to do easier cognitive tasks to avoid effort, even if they are less rewarding. .

people are common tend to choose not to make an effort because when they have to do it, they do it “Worth it and looks like fun” . This answer is ventral striatum brain regions Responsible for handling gratification the area It is activated more strongly when you achieve something with more effort than with less effort .

mental effort and physical effort

But when humans are rewarded for physical exertion, whether reciprocated or not, these Tend to prefer doing difficult brain teasers later, even if they don’t reward them This will have its cause in the meantime “The more effort is required, the more we tend to appreciate it.” .

These choices are reflected in what science calls the “IKEA effect.”ever since People prefer to pay more for something they have to make themselves than for something professionally made .

On that line, Veronica Job, Professor of Motivational Psychology, University of Vienna , it says that When humans learn to value their efforts, they tend to perform tasks that involve more work. It doesn’t matter if it’s physical or mental.

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