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‘It was punishment’: Ex-Venga Conmigo Martial Del Rio on how fibromyalgia changed his life


Former model and TV host Marcial del Río, who became known for his participation in the “Venga Conmigo”, spoke with BioBioChile about his fibromyalgia diagnosis and how it changed his life. Did.

It was around the turn of the century that 13-channel programming began. come with me It was the heyday. At the time, it served as the birthplace of several dancers, comedians, singers, and models, drawing on its music, humor, and talented cast.

among the latter Marshall of the River graced the screens of the program for three years.

“I worked as a model for 25 years after entering university.” , he told BioBioChile. “There was Venga Conmigo in it,” said the current architect.

before diagnosis

It was during a few years working as a model that Marshall began to see the first signs of fibromyalgia that changed his life. “As a result of my work as an architect, model, and TV host, I began to feel pain from physical exertion and fatigue.” he argued.

However, this pain was increasing and he decided to seek medical help. “I was in a lot of pain and I was looking for a doctor for years and they did tests and nothing.” was counted.

Stigma and diffuse symptoms

Martial attributes the path that led to his fibromyalgia diagnosis only 15 years ago to the fact that “at the time it was a relatively unknown disease.” “I didn’t like being in pain when I wasn’t sick. .

Another factor that influenced her to seek an accurate diagnosis was that in her type of fibromyalgia, the pain changed areas.It took years as the pain was changing sectors (…) It wasn’t always my back, but my back and wrists, then my wrists and neck, and sometimes my back hurt a little bit, but my elbows hurt,” he said.

Of the symptoms that brought him to his attention, he said it occurred at bedtime: “I was generally fine during the day, but at night I went to bed and leaned over on my side and the pain in my shoulder was unbearable. , I didn’t have anything, I turned around, and just the thought of turning around (and because of this) felt so much pain that I didn’t want to move.

When they finally discovered the disease, the former driver Extreme Makeover: Home Editionexplained that finding the right treatment is also an adventure. “Fibromyalgia was an unknown disease at the time, so there was no exact cure. They covered you with painkillers whether they helped you or not.” Said.

The Life of Martial Del Rio with Fibromyalgia

Meanwhile, former Benga Conmigo reported learning to “cope with the pain.” Sometimes he was in so much pain that he couldn’t get out of bed, but he couldn’t put his work aside.

“It’s not just affecting your physical health, it’s also affecting your mental health. You feel terrible, you have no energy, you’re chronically tired and you can’t sleep because of the pain. It’s been really bad.” ‘ he explained.

But I also saw Marshall impacted your family life since Seven years ago he became the father of twins : “I’m a father in the middle of fibromyalgia and my kids would ride on you or pull you. To me it was punishment that my kids wanted to ride on my back.” It was excruciating pain, but I couldn’t stop because I was a father. .

This, he claimed, also affected his mental health. “Emotionally, my inability to respond to what my children deserved in that moment has taken a toll on me. I can’t play football, I can’t play with you, I can’t jump.” .

Regarding the time he was out of treatment, the architect said: “I learned to overcome pain, I learned to deal with pain, and now I don’t understand how I did it, because I can’t even imagine how fibromyalgia hurts.” is.” .

“I got so used to it that my pain threshold started to rise.” he added.

The model also reflects the time spent in doctor visits. “Among men, refusing to be sick and living with pain makes you the most unhappy being in the universe.” .

Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

fibromyalgia is a condition Non-articular, non-inflammatory, common and unexplained explains the medical manual MSD. severe generalized or localized pain .

Regarding the symptoms caused by this neurological disease, American College of Rheumatologydetails that may exist:

– Sensitivity to touch or pressure. It affects muscles, sometimes joints and even skin.
– Exhausted.
– Difficulty falling asleep (waking up tired).
– Difficulty in remembering or thinking clearly.

But not only depression and distress, migraines and tension headaches, digestive problems, oversensitive or overactive bladder, pelvic pain, and temporomandibular joint disorders, which consist of a range of symptoms including facial aches and pains. there is. Jaws, jaw clicking, and ringing in the ears, the organization explains.

Today Martial del Rio works as an architect, Treatment using patches to relieve pain But he said the treatment began some time ago, after the pandemic.

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