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US Approves New Drug for ALS: Funded by Ice Bucket Challenge



The viral challenge that took social networks by storm eight years ago seems to be bearing its first fruits. This comes after funds raised by the challenge were used to fund research into a drug against amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) that has just been approved in the United States.

After videos of people throwing buckets of ice at their heads flooded social media in 2014 ice bucket challenge the campaign seems to show the first results.

Since then Food and Drug Administration (FDAwhich is an English acronym) First drug approved for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, better known as ALS, funded by this challenge .

It’s about medicine Relivrio can be taken orally, Slows the degeneration of motor neurons in the spinal cord and cerebral cortex commissioned CNN.

However, the FDA’s approval of the drug was not without controversy. “I couldn’t prove that the drug worked.” .

A change in decision “Given the serious, life-threatening nature of ALS and the real unmet need, this level of uncertainty is acceptable in this case.” would have written the US agency.

The research behind Relyvrio for ALS

Despite phase 2 clinical trials, the number of drugs approved for use and thus the patient sample is small (137). 24-week administration to ALS patients .

Of these, the experimental group “It was generally well tolerated, but there was an increased frequency of gastrointestinal events.” which corresponds to “Diarrhea, Abdominal pain, Nausea, Upper respiratory tract infection” ,detail lab.

The recommended dose of the drug is equivalent to 1 capsule daily for 3 weeks initially, then increased to 2 capsules daily.

Fundraising for the Ice Bucket Challenge

Another striking aspect behind the drug’s approval for ALS was when it was announced that: The research that led to its discovery was partially funded by funds raised by the Ice Bucket Challenge commissioned NBC News.

The same challenges that have led celebrities and ordinary people Throw ice water on your head and then nominate another person to raise more money .

Eight years ago, only Bill Gates, Justin Bieber, Henry Cavill, and Amy Adams took part in the challenge, dressed as Superman characters.

Source: Biobiochile

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