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Breast Cancer Prevention Month: 21% of detected cases in Chilean women are of this type


Despite the fact that it is a gender-neutral pathology, it affects mostly women. For this reason, oncology experts have provided recommendations for early detection of the condition and better diagnosis.

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in all regions of the world. According to the latest data updated by the World Health Organization (WHO), this pathology is one of the deadliest worldwide, with nearly 10 million related deaths in 2020.

As this data begins to break down among different types of cancer, we find that breast cancer is the most common cancer on the planet and a disease that primarily affects women. So is the case with Conserva and actress Carolina Paulsen.

In fact, 16% of all cancers detected in women worldwide correspond to the breast in this sense. Nationally, that figure rises to 20.9% of all cancer diagnoses in women. .

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, according to. WHOand in this regard, the experts Suraj Samtani and Juan Manuel Donaire, members of the Las Condes Clinic Cancer Center, both in Chile and in the world, have all to consider regarding this pathology. See related data.

breast cancer statistics

Numerically, the most recent data are Breast cancer incidence in Chile was 5,331 new cases throughout 2020 , for all women. Also, at the same time 1,674 dead Associated with this condition, it is the sixth deadliest type of cancer in our country.

All women have a 12% chance of getting breast cancer just because they were born female. If you have a family history, you can use a mathematical model to calculate whether you are at higher risk than 21%. If the person is in that proportion, follow-up can be scheduled before age 40, the average age at which testing begins, to see if further testing is worthwhile apart from a rigorous mammogram.” explained Donaire. .


The cause of origin of breast cancer is not clear.According to experts, about 80% of cases have no apparent cause the rest may be related to genetic factors or genetic alterations.

“Among the possible genetic causes, there are several hereditary syndromes, such as mutations in the BRCA gene. there is,” explained Samtani.

genetic risk factors

Beyond this mutation, there is a list of genetic risk factors that women should consider as warning signs of possible breast cancer in the future.

Premature menarche and under 12 years of age.
Late menopause.
· The older you are, the higher your risk of breast cancer.
· A family history of any type of cancer.

non-hereditary risk factors

In addition to the above causes, there are also other non-genetic risk factors that must be considered and ideally should be controlled in time to avoid consequences.

· Obesity, especially during menopause.
· Increased percentage of fat.
• Alcohol consumption.
・ A life that doesn’t move your body.

Importance of early detection

Considering that some women are genetically predisposed to breast cancer, it is very important not only to take care measures, but also to learn about tests and self-examinations and their importance when faced with breast cancer. A disease that ultimately helps in the early detection, diagnosis, treatment, and subsequent survival of breast cancer.

In this sense, Donaire comments: “Early diagnosis is achieved with mammography. Physical exams, or self-examinations, help you get to know yourself and look for cancers called intermediate cancers that can appear between mammograms. A patient may have had a mammogram and a nodule was found 3 months later. ”.

Thus, the call made by both professionals was to maintain regular medical examinations, ideally on the rhythm of an annual mammogram beginning at age 40. Get free mammograms every three years starting at age 50.

breast cancer signs

Finally, with or without a diagnosis, the most common breast cancer symptoms to look out for are:

– Breast pain.
· Appearance of nodules.
· Breast ulcers.
• Skin lesions.
・The affected area becomes red.
· Palpable nodes.
discharge of blood from the nipple;
・ Orange Peel.
· Asymmetry.
Nipple contraction.

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