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In hospitals, identification with a personal document will be mandatory upon admission of the patient


The ministry is asking contractors to adopt the proposed measures and share their experiences with each other

The Ministry of Health prepared guidelines for identifying patients after the identities of two patients in the Celje hospital were changed. According to the new system, identification of the patient with a personal document is envisaged upon admission and transfer.

The guidelines were formulated on the basis of documents received from public health institutions at the secondary and tertiary level regarding establishing the identity of patients in various environments and situations. “Here, it is extremely important to recognize or identification of the patient, as it is the basis for high-quality and safe medical treatment, taking into account the protection of personal data,” they emphasized.

Thus, the patient must have an identification bracelet with all the necessary information – name and surname, birth information, social security number and/or bar code, which allows data verification, to be worn throughout the treatment and possibly subsequent treatment in the hospital, the guidelines state.

Patients coming from social welfare institutions must have a wristband installed upon admission, otherwise a personal document or photocopy must be attached.

Identification regardless of the method of treatment

When admitting or transferring a patient, healthcare institutions must always identify the patient with a personal document, regardless of whether it is a regular or emergency admission or relocation.

The guidelines also require operators to establish identity verification checkpoints. Basic control points are patient admission, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, food distribution, patient acceptance, patient transfer and others. Identity verification before medical treatment can also be done verbally, so that an employee asks the patient his name and date of birth.

In the event that the patient is admitted as an unknown person, when he does not have personal documents with a photo, cannot provide personal information, or identification using the personal document and the patient’s appearance is not possible, the providers should treat the patients as unknown persons until written confirmation of the identification by relatives who confirm their identity with the help of an official document with a photo, or an official person.

System control at the Celje hospital next week

These changes come after the identities of two patients who were brought from the Trubar retirement home in Loka near Zidanem Most were switched in September at the hospital in Celje. They were admitted to the hospital on September 7 and identified on the basis of the admission documentation and information from the rescue staff of the Sevnica Health Center who brought them. During the treatment, one of the patients died, and due to a change of identity, the relatives of the wrong patient were notified of the death. They found out about the wrong identification when the deceased patient had already been buried.

The Ministry of Health filed a complaint against unknown perpetrators. They also initiated a system audit. The group that will carry out the supervision has already been appointed, and according to Minister Danijel Bešič Loredan, the supervision will begin next week.

Source: Rtvslo



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