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The students are starting the autumn part of the blood donation campaign “I honor half a liter”.



In the last two years, due to the covid-19 epidemic and measures, the number of donors has decreased

Student organizations invite students to participate in the traditional blood donation drive “I honor half a liter”. The action will take place throughout October, and it will be possible to donate blood in several places in Slovenia.

“This time’s campaign is particularly important, because in the last two corona years there were more than a third fewer new blood donors. That is why it is important that this time young people come to the rescue, donate blood and become regular blood donors,” at the start of the traditional blood donation drive, the Student Organization of Slovenia (ŠOS) highlights the honor of half a liter.

The list of dates and locations is published on websitei and Facebook pages I worship a pint. Students for whom the proposed dates do not suit are invited to contact the regional units of the Institute of Transfusion Medicine of the Republic of Slovenia at any time, as the need for blood is great throughout the year.

In order to meet the needs of healthcare for blood, we need 350 to 400 blood donors in Slovenia every day. As donated blood has a limited shelf life and as healthcare needs for donated blood change rapidly, ŠOS wants to invite as many students as possible to the blood donor base and thus encourage awareness among young adults about the necessity of helping fellow human beings, they wrote in the press release.

ŠOS is happy that after a two-year break due to the epidemiological situation in the country, the campaign will once again take place in the usual way, including in the field, and at the same time they hope that the increase in the number of blood donors from previous years will continue.

“Častim half a liter is currently one of the most famous and successful projects of the Student Organization of Slovenia. With it, we raise awareness among students about the importance of donating blood and selflessly helping others,” summed up the president’s words in ŠOS Marike Gruber. The blood donation campaign is organized by the ŠOS in autumn and spring with the student organizations of the universities in Ljubljana, Maribor and Primorska, as well as student clubs, the Association of Student Clubs of Slovenia, the Red Cross of Slovenia and the Institute of Transfusion Medicine of the Republic of Slovenia.

Source: Rtvslo

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