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Netflix face shares Claire Shearer’s bullying for having cancer: ‘Even filters don’t help’



One of The Home Edit’s hosts, Clea Shearer, has revealed that she will have a double mastectomy in April. Since then he has had his four rounds of chemotherapy.

Claire Shearer ,driver home edit one of Netflix’s most admired organizational programs, shared on social networks the bullying she received after revealing she was diagnosed with cancer.

In April of this year, Shearer revealed that she has stage 2 breast cancer and will undergo double surgery. mastectomy .

Since then, he’s shared his journey through social networks, revealing chemo sessions and even the moment he decided to shave his hair.

But for the fight he’s giving, the Netflix face also shared the crude comments he’s received on the internet regarding his illness.

“This is the first time I’ve ever been bullied on social media because I have cancer.” Write to your Instagram story, along with screenshots with notifications.

“You really need social media attention while you’re going through this, right? Don’t you realize that no one really cares?,” read one of Claire’s shared messages.

“You should feel insecure. Your daughter will find out who you are when she’s older and form her own opinion,” the host posted with her daughter. Another comment from the same person is mentioned in the publication.

You can also see “Damn, even the filters don’t help.”

netflix face bullied

Gunn and Claire Shearer

Shortly before her 40th birthday, Claire Shearer discovered a lump in her breast, but didn’t pay much attention to it.

I went through my life thinking, “My chest is lumpy and it’s nothing.” But in February 2022… I felt it again,” he told the magazine. women’s health.

This time he took it more seriously. “I knew something was wrong. There was definitely a lump, it felt like a little rock,” he said.

Claire called her OB/GYN to make an appointment, but was told there would be nothing for at least four months. All she got was a number to get her mammogram.

Finally, she decided to go to a general practitioner.

“I was told that day I needed an emergency triple biopsy so they could take a sample of the lump,” he recalled.

Analyzing the results takes time, but “the radiologist was candid. I said, ‘Is it possible that this is something other than cancer?'” She looked at me and said, ‘Honey, you have cancer.

From that moment on, the battle began, and she underwent four chemotherapy sessions and dozens of other procedures.

This is always accompanied by her family and friends, along with thousands of fans on her social networks.

Source: Biobiochile

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