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They create innovative glass that prevents birds from crashing into windows.



Bird crashes into windows are one of the leading causes of bird death worldwide.

Many cartoons are taken from accidents in which birds accidentally crash into glass and end up laughing, but the truth is the reality that affects ecosystems and the people and people who live in those buildings and houses. It also affects working people.

In fact, in the United States alone, according to figures from the American Bird Conservancy site, It is estimated that 100-100 million birds die each year because of this. has established itself as the second leading cause of bird death worldwide.

why do they clash?

Experts say that many small birds are very territorial and fly directly into glass windows in an attempt to scare their own reflection.

This is primarily a problem during the breeding season, when nocturnal birds fly into illuminated windows and crash.

“Reflections of vegetation, sky and other buildings can be deceptive and cause bird strikes,” says Mónica Budge, marketing manager at Vidrios Lirquen.

“Birds in flight cannot distinguish between visual cues such as window frames to distinguish between glass positions in the same way humans do,” he added.

Pilkington AviSafe, glass against birds

There are many solutions, but one of the most innovative is special glass that reduces these accidents in both homes and buildings.

Pilkington AviSafe It’s called a product with a UV-enhanced coating that blocks reflections on the glass, so birds can see the barrier without bumping into it.

Unlike other solutions, this glass does not block the view of the human eye inside and has passed the WIN test, which measures the reflection of bird strikes, making it suitable for all types of windows.

Source: Biobiochile

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