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The UKC building will be renovated by 2025, European money diverted to other projects



Prime Minister Robert Golob and Minister of Health Danijel Bešič Loredan visited UKC LJ. The renovation of the UKC’s main building is proceeding according to plan, despite the fact that the government has diverted European funds for energy rehabilitation to other projects.

Minister of Health Danijel Bešič Loredan in a statement at the end of the visit, he said that the University of Ljubljana is the most important medical and educational institution in the country. “The fact is that we have long-standing problems with UKC’s operations, the fact is that this building is 50 years old and has never been renovated,” he said and announced that these matters would be settled.

The renovation will be financed from the budget

He believes that it is possible to very quickly renovate the main building of UKC Ljubljana and make a plan for its development. The government has diverted European funds for energy rehabilitation to other projects, as they must be used by the end of November 2023. The renovation of the UKC’s main building will therefore be financed from the budget. Bešič Loredan said that according to the projections of the external and internal renovation, the project will become more expensive by approximately 15 million euros, which is already foreseen in the rebalancing of the budget.

“Today is a symbolic day when we start addressing development projects in healthcare,” however, the Prime Minister emphasized during the visit Robert Dove. According to him, they believe that the greatest amount of knowledge is concentrated in UKC. “It is our duty as politicians to upgrade this knowledge now with appropriate material and spatial conditions,” he added.

Golob believes that it is the government’s duty to start appropriate projects with the available funds and then complete them. He announced that some projects will be completed in the first and some in the second term.

South: This is where Slovenian health care falls or stands

V. d. of the general director of UKC Ljubljana Mark South thanked the prime minister and the minister for the visit and said that the clinical center is a very large institution and probably one of the key pillars of Slovenian healthcare. “Whether the clinical center will stand or fall will mean whether Slovenian healthcare will survive,” me.

Promises to the Oncology Institute

Even before the visit to UKC, the Prime Minister and the Minister visited Oncology Institute Ljubljana. According to the Minister, during the visit, a promise was again made to the institute about the construction of the proton center and the expansion of the institute as soon as possible. Funding will be sought within the Recovery and Resilience Plan.

After the New Year holidays, they will be together with the professional director of the oncology institute, Irena cloud made a network of treatment for oncology patients. Oblak said that they are happy about the visit, because it means that oncology is recognized as an extremely important profession.

In response to a journalist’s question about the transfer of general emergency medical care from the Ljubljana Health Center to the Ljubljana Medical Center, the Minister said that the procedures are ongoing and he believes that they will be sorted out together by the end of this year. On January 1, he expects a working system, and in January they will also present the reform of the implementation of emergency medical assistance and the role of the emergency center, “to actually separate the primary activity from the emergency activity or the activity of emergency medical assistance”.

When asked about the timeline for the construction of the infectious disease clinic, he said that it is as planned by the previous government, but that they are trying to shorten it. “If we are lucky, we can get both infectious disease clinics in Ljubljana and Maribor one year earlier than planned,” Bešič Loredan also said.

Source: Rtvslo

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