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Mental health research shows that 1 in 5 Chileans feel lonely and 14% suffer from depression.



The country’s sixth Mental Health Thermometer found that Chileans maintained levels of depression and loneliness three times in a row.

Investigation mental health thermometer Chile submitted the results of the 6th edition, from which the following conclusions were drawn. 1 in 5 Chileans feel lonely and it is Depression figures maintained and even increased compared to previous studies .

A study conducted by the Chilean Association for Security (ACHS) and the UC Center for Research and Longitudinal Studies at the Catholic University, Consulted 2,365 people aged 18+ in November 2022 about the main factors that affect their mental health.

From this investigation, it became clear that Delinquency (67%) and the Economic forecast (54.4%) These are the two most stress-producing factors in the population. However, these stats have decreased compared to previous figures.

Nevertheless, Numbers that did not change were those related to loneliness and depression . About the first and third times 21% of respondents he claimed “often isolated from others and feeling unfamiliar” .

Another statistic emerging from a study in Chileans was Depression cases increase compared to same day last year In this way, the symptoms associated with this disorder are 14% .

Stressors and Mental Health

according to Paulina Calfucoy, ACHS Corporate Affairs Manager issues related to mental health, “It has a huge impact on both the quality of life and productivity of Chileans.” .

In addition to this, there were improvements in statistics, “We continue to see alarming numbers and factors that indicate mental health problems are irrelevant to the state of the country.” he argued.

In the same survey, 15.7% of the sample suspected a mental health disorder .

However, with the more promising numbers, the others have fallen. Mental illness decreased by 5.4% compared to the first survey.of anxiety disorder Also saw one 3.3% decrease over the last 6 months .

Source: Biobiochile

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