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An analysis of Slovenian healthcare will be presented to the public; Golob: The numbers really surprised us



The preparation of the health reform will be overseen by an interdepartmental working group for health care

Minister of Health Danijel Bešič Loredan will present to the public an analysis of the state of Slovenian healthcare, which he first presented to the participants of the coalition summit on Wednesday. The analysis will be the basis for the health reform, which is expected to come into force in 2024.

Prime Minister Robert Dove explained after the end of the coalition summit that the analysis showed that the situation is worse, like anyone in the country thinks, and that health reform can only be comprehensive and that it must be tackled at the central point, at the Slovenian Health Insurance Institute (ZZZS).

We were faced with such numbers that really surprised us. On one hand we have public hospitals that are last year mistletoe a total loss of one hundred and seventy million, and on the other hand, medical centers and pharmacies, which had more like two hundred million profit. It’s amazing how we have can within one system such huge differences,” said Prime Minister Golob, according to Radio Slovenija.

According to Golob, the analysis also provided unexpected information – a number patients without a chosen family doctor, it has been more than 100,000 for almost 20 years. “It turns out that the number is undefined patients greater than a hundred thousand for almost twenty years, and it’s strange to me that today we’re talking about something that’s been around for twenty years, and no one has really tackled it. We will take care of it,” said Golob and announced that in six weeks they will prepare a plan to bring this figure within the framework that Slovenians deserve, and thus radically reduce it.

The preparation of the health reform will be overseen by an interdepartmental working group for health care, which will be directly coordinated by Prime Minister Golob, and will be prepared by the strategic council for health care, which will also worked under his protection.

The current strategic world that is worked at the Ministry of Health, according to the minister Danijela Bešič Loredan after the establishment of a new one, it will be abolished, and most of the members of the council will be appointed to the new council, which will be headed by a surgeon Erik Brecelj. He, like the minister, will be the one who will be like him like set a mirror to the prime minister, because “says exactly like that like thoughts, and cannot be bought“.

ZZZS rejects the accusations

On Thursday, ZZZS strongly rejected the government’s accusations of uncontrolled outflow of money, corruption and concealment of certain data. They emphasized that ZZZS operates in accordance with the applicable legislation and that “the most supervised institution in Slovenia“, which is also audited by the Audit Court every year.

Even in the reports of the European Commission or the OECD, we never found that there was a core problems in Slovenia it is ZZZS“, the general director of ZZZS told Radio Slovenia Tatjana Mlakar.

Source: Rtvslo

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