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Galactorrhea: Unexpected breast milk production that also affects men



There are many reasons why a woman who has not given birth produces milk. The TikTok case led to a cautionary tale by medical experts after a user published a method for draining fluid from a nipple.

Prolactin, produced by the pituitary gland or pituitary gland, is a powerful hormone responsible for the magical bond between mother and baby, lovingly sucked and nourished. galactorrhea It then appears in the lives of beings that have nothing to do with that natural process.

This is an unfamiliar situation for the vast majority of people who live their lives immersed in everyday life, and have no idea that some humans are dealing with socially complex conditions. Hmm.

Nature is wise, but it suddenly presents some imbalances that must be overcome in order to restore normal functioning to those who need it.

Using anecdotes and scientific information, this memo aims to learn more about this situation that many people, especially men, face in silence.

What is galactorrhea?

Before we know this condition, which is not a disease, we need to go to science.

According to Galactorrhea mayo clinic“The discharge of milk from the nipples that is unrelated to normal milk production for lactation. Galactorrhea is not a disease per se, but may be a symptom of an undiagnosed problem. It is It usually occurs in women who have never had children or after menopause, but galactorrhea can occur in men and babies.

Symptoms include persistent milk discharge from the nipple. This can be hand-induced or come out spontaneously. It can occur in one or both breasts. In addition, headaches and blurred vision may occur.

Women experience irregular or amenorrhea.

Women, men, and even babies who are not mothers secreting breast milk is known as galactorrhea.
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Galactorrhea and excessive nipple stimulation during intercourse

Many people ask themselves when presented with a scenario like the one described in Galactorrhea. Why this trend?

Its causes are curiously diverse, including disorders of the pituitary gland or pituitary gland, which are involved in both human development and the production of prolactin, the hormone that mothers breastfeed their children.

Oxytocin, also called the hormone of love and sentimental behavior, comes from a pea-sized gland attached to a part of the brain called the master control center of the human brain. medinlineplus.gov.

Any abnormality in this brain’s command center disrupts the hormone balance and disrupts the secretion of breast milk, regardless of whether it is a man, a woman, prenatal, or a baby.

However, there are other conditions that can increase this secretion, one of which is overstimulation of the nipples during sexual activity. As such, medical professionals are calling on couples to consider this information.

Among the causes recorded in media such as 20 minutes.esopioids, sedatives, antidepressants or antipsychotics, stress, and spinal cord injury use.

“Instead of uploading to TikTok, I would go to the doctor.”

The TikTok account @mrdoctorof shared a video of a user of the social network squeezing her nipple with moderate force, apparently secreting fine lines of milk. The young man accompanied him with a message: “Let me be clear, I am Vert.” .

The calls for attention and explanation generated a wave of responses, as a possible pituitary imbalance was confirmed to be one of the culprits.

“Yes, it can happen to men. In fact, there are reports of fathers breastfeeding their infants, and this is due to an increase in the hormone prolactin.” explained @mrdoctorof.

However, remember that the explanation is more complicated and should be resolved in the doctor’s office and not published on social networks.

“The problem is, if a man produces it (breast milk), he probably has a condition called prolactinoma. But instead of uploading it to TikTok, I went to the doctor, and I recommend internal medicine.” close the sender of the message and put the stethoscope on.

Galactorrhea: the father who breastfed the baby

news portal Univision We have collected several cases of men who breastfed their babies. Partly because it’s painful for the family.

One of the most commented stories came from Sri Lanka (South Asia) in 2014. A 38-year-old father found himself in trouble as his wife and the mother of her two young daughters died in childbirth.two people received mother’s milk.

“My eldest daughter refused to give me artificial milk. One day I was so worried that he tried to stop crying, so I offered him my breast. I realized that I could breastfeed my baby.” .

One of the doctors who checked the situation was Dr. Kamal Jayasinghe, who is now the Executive Director of Sri Lanka’s National Drugs Regulatory Authority. Health experts have been quoted referring to prolactin production in some men.

Another case has to do with the conditions of World War II prisoners, who, upon release, suffered from a hormonal imbalance (due to poor diet in captivity), which caused an increase in the hormone prolactin , thus resulting in the production of breast milk.

A Sri Lankan man feeds his two daughters after his wife dies in childbirth.
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