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10 ways to cheer yourself up in 15 minutes (or less) when you’re feeling down



Depression can be disabling and even prevent you from leaving your home or room. This disorder isn’t just about having a “bad day.” With these 10 techniques, you can do better.

According to the latest figures collected by the Epidemiology Department of the Ministry of Health (Minsal): 6.2% of the Chilean population of legal age suffer from depression .

According to the same study, Women aged 45–54 years with the highest prevalence Developed disability in 2017.

But since the start of the pandemic, these numbers have changed, especially for diagnoses related to anxiety disorders.

According to World Health Organization data, depression is 5% of adults worldwide is part of hindrance It can lead to various health problems and even death.

than a bad day

For this reason, suicidal Over 700,000 people worldwide With this in mind, disability isn’t just about having a bad day.

according to Claudia Badilla, psychologist at Ciudad del Mar Clinic to identify depression, “Symptoms such as depressed mood, lack of interest and loss of ability to feel pleasure should last for at least two weeks.” .

Depression may show minor signs, such as: Having trouble concentrating or paying attention to activities ,same memory ,Moreover Difficulty performing basic grooming tasks (Brush your teeth, comb your hair, and even wash your hands).

10 ways to cheer you up

There are several mood-enhancing methods for dealing with this type of disorder and the symptoms that stem from it. In less than 15 minutes, you can make your day a little better.

1. go for a walk

According to insiders, one activity you can do to lift your mood is: Go for a walk .

walk in some places Altering the visual scenarios we normally develop can affect thinking better and reflecting different concerns .

Clinical psychologist Erin Terada Director of Licensing and Clinical Training Mental health relief in a conversation with the outlet, explained that Even going out on the patio can greatly improve your day .

2. Write a gratitude journal

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t like talking about your problems to others, but still wants to stay optimistic, I recommend starting a gratitude journal.

This activity will help you Visualize and evaluate your achievements One way to conceptualize them is to answer questions like: What made me happy today? What made me grateful this week? Who made me laugh today?

All of these questions can help cheer you up when the day seems gray. Stay away from your device.

3. Drink tea

A cup of tea can be the perfect adventure between choosing and making the perfect flavor. moment of introspection for you.

There are several infusions that can help balance your mood or help you relax. Guarana Helps Focus and Gives Energy instead, if desired calm down the key is chamomile or orange tea .

4. Kitchen

cooking or simply preparing a snack, Effective rituals to lift your spirits Preparations range from very elaborate to basic sandwich making.

Just like with tea, you should pay attention to the ingredients you use. High-sugar snacks can fill you up with energy, but lack of it can cause drowsiness .

5. Exercise

This is probably the most common advice. endorphins hormones of happy .

If this is one of your options, remember that you don’t have to follow a long and elaborate routine. 5 minutes a day is enough .

6. Listen to music, audiobooks, or podcasts

Music makes any moment comfortable or very energetic.according to Jessica Borelli, Professor of Psychological Science, University of California, USA , “Music can help promote relaxation while reducing depression and distress.” .

Against this, experts recommend choosing songs with an emotional connection .

On the other hand, you can also listen to audiobooks and podcasts. Distracting and even enlightening elements of what overwhelms you .

7. Talk to friends

It can be done via phone, Whatsapp message or just a message, Communication with friends and family helps us to have a different perspective on the issues that overwhelm us. .

According to the description of Constanza Núñez, psychologist and labor coach “The mind doesn’t want us to leave our comfort zone. He begins to give us ideas for choosing the one closest to that comfort zone. ”.

And you can delimit this area in thoughts – negative or positive – that we have repeatedly given that Always be “our cozy place” .

8. Love your pet

Another way to cheer you up is to play with your dog for a few minutes or sleep with your cat. Because, according to science, it can raise the hormone oxytocin. .

It must be remembered that this hormone is released only in A calm state, when there is love or physical contact which works against adrenaline, which is released when the body senses danger.

9. Do breathing exercises

It may be through guided meditation or simple breathing exercises, but generallyOxygenation of the body helps clear the mind since concentration is placed on external elements .

exercises like 4-4-4-4 Inhale for 4 seconds, hold for the same amount, exhale and hold for another 4 seconds. This is very convenient.

10. Laugh

Watching humorous routines, funny animal videos, or your favorite comedy series is another way to cheer you up. Decrease cortisol release hormones known as “stress hormones” and, conversely, Increases oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin has the opposite effect.

Source: Biobiochile

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