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Unions regarding the reform: The goal must be to strengthen public health



The situation in healthcare is serious, they warn

The fundamental direction of the reform must be strengthening and consolidating public healthcare, they emphasized in the trade union headquarters. The announcements are being followed “with great attention and concern”, stated the presidents of the seven trade union headquarters.

“As one of the social partners in the Economic and Social Council (ESS) and as representatives of active insured persons in the Assembly of the Institute for Health Insurance of Slovenia (ZZZS), we have been warning for many years that the situation in health care is more than just serious and that some changes are necessary, “ the trade unionists wrote in a joint press release.

They emphasized that accessibility to a doctor at the primary level and shortening of waiting lines are prerequisites for timely medical care. “Both are highly dependent on the public network of health services and the efficient management of public health institutions, but we draw attention to the fact that a clear and consistent separation of public and private health care is also key to the above, so we consider that the fact that the latter is puts health reform priorities on the tail of the timeline,” they wrote down.

Trade unions firmly reject the idea that the management of contributions for compulsory health insurance will be more efficient if it is left to the market or competition from several private insurance companies. “The experience of ‘voluntary’ supplementary health insurance shows that this type of insurance and management is neither efficient nor solidary, and even less transparent. That is why we have always advocated the abolition of supplementary health insurance,” they emphasized.

Basket of health insurance rights

They also expect a clearer definition to preserve the existing basket of health insurance rights, which, according to the unions, should not shrink. They support the announcements by the Minister of Health about the urgent digitization and greater transparency of the operation of the ZZZS and the entire healthcare system in Slovenia, but at the same time they wonder what the announced announcements mean. “structural changes of ZZZS”.

“Active insured persons (employees) pay by far the largest share of contributions for health insurance into the health fund, so the trade unions, as their representatives, will insist that active insured persons must also have the opportunity to make decisions at all levels of management,” they emphasized in the trade unions. They expect the government to inform them of concrete plans regarding the announced structural changes of ZZZS.

They also call on the government to present the envisaged health reform to the ESS as soon as possible and to start coordinating the envisaged solutions in accordance with the rules on the operation of the ESS. In this way, according to the trade unions, the necessary broad social consensus will be achieved regarding the content of the health reform and true transparency and the possibility of advocacy the interests of the people, i.e. those for whom the public health system is intended, were also noted in the press release by the presidents of the Association of Free Trade Unions of Slovenia, the Confederation of Public Sector Trade Unions of Slovenia, the Confederation of Trade Unions of Slovenia Pergam, the Confederation of Trade Unions 90 of Slovenia, KNSS-Neodvisnost, the Slovenian Confederation of Trade Unions Alternative and the Federation of Labor Unions of Slovenia – Solidarity.

Source: Rtvslo

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