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Why is it dangerous to sleep with dogs?: Experts warn of dog risks



Experts warn about the risks of sleeping with your dog under your bed’s blanket. Dogs tend to have higher body temperatures than humans, so using warm beds and thick blankets can harm them.

From drowning to being electrocuted, experts warn that there are risks that can run if you decide to sleep with your dog in bed or covered up.

Co-sleeping with a pet is one of the most comfortable moments, as we know that a dog’s body temperature is several degrees higher than a human’s. There can be various dangers behind this behavior.

Overheating due to co-sleeping with dogs

One of the main concerns is overheating. When it suddenly gets cold, dogs are more likely to curl up in bed under their duvets in search of warmth.

However, a very thick or even thicker blanket will prevent your dog from getting out of bed if it suddenly gets too hot in the middle of the night.

“Very small dogs, puppies, older dogs, and dogs with arthritis or other mobility problems can struggle to find a safe exit if they get too hot. explains to The Telegraph Katie Alexander, Head of Veterinary Research, Blue Cross UK .

Owners of flat-faced breeds such as French bulldogs and pugs “need to take extra care” because these brachycephalic dogs are at higher risk of overheating if placed under duvets. added Alexander.

Accidents caused by using electric warmers

Another risk of sleeping with dogs is electric blankets, especially used in colder climates and during the winter months. As he explains, this can cause burns.In addition, power cords also pose a hazard if dogs try to handle them, Alexander explained.

on his part, Karly Smith, Blue Cross Animal Behavior Specialist plead Consider the animal’s wishes and do not force the owner to stay in bed to keep warm .

“All pets should be treated with dignity, kindness and respect and should be kept only in situations that are safe, appropriate and they prefer,” Smith told The Telegraph.

“Some dogs may like to curl up under their duvets. If that’s what they want to do, that’s fine, but it’s important not to force them into something unfamiliar or frightening.” she advised.

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