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3-3-3 Techniques: A Key Way to Help Calm Panic Attacks



During a panic attack, the mind can end up with frightening and often unrealistic thoughts. So the 3-3-3 technique can be an important way to bring it back to concrete reality.

of mental disorder They have seen an increase since the Covid pandemic began.It was mine without going any further Department of Health Economics In the second week of 2023, the Ministry of Health reported that: Consumption of these therapeutics increased sales by 89% .

Statistics reflect demand growth from 2011 to 2021. According to the World Health Organization, the prevalence is 13% (WHO).

of organization also in detail By 2019, anxiety and depressive disorders were the most common disorders After a year, however, the order of the statistics did not change, but increased.

The 3-3-3 Technique for Panic Attacks

Panic disorder is a type of anxiety disorder Experiencing sudden fear of death or any kind of traumatic experience explain U.S. National Library of Medicine.

The risk factors for developing it are very wide, previous traumatic experience until we become one genetic cause In some cases, the symptoms are similar. Panic attacks can even be mistaken for heart attacks .

But an important way to calm panic attacks is to: 3-3-3 technique .

This consists of looking around you. Name 3 things you saw For example, the tips of the feet, the hands, the color of the walls, etc.Then you have to name 3 things you hear (cars, birdsong, songs); and finally, move 3 parts of the body (Make your hand into a fist and bend one arm to touch your nose).

During a panic attack, the mind usually goes to frightening thoughts and many times drifts away from reality. The goal of the 3-3-3 technique is to bring us back to our concrete reality. .

The sedative effect of this method may be instant, but it’s a good idea to repeat the technique as many times as necessary until you notice a change, and always change the named and moved elements.

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