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Rage Applying: The New “Silent Resign” Double-edged Sword



First there was the “silent resignation” and now there is the “furious assumption”. Both are ways to quit a job that doesn’t make you happy and doesn’t satisfy your employees.

A video of a recruiter talking about new ways to retire for the 100th anniversary has gone viral on TikTok. “The Anger Hypothesis” the concept will come in 2022 ‘Silent resignation’ It has reached its heyday.

as explained sky newsteeth The new way to quit your job is to go crazy and apply for multiple jobs It is caused by an event that occurs in the current job.

in front of Misfortune Also disagreement Employees choose this option for two purposes. beginning, find a better job remuneration or environmental and labor benefits, or in the event of failure to do so; get a raise or promotion .

What’s Behind the “Furious Hypothesis”?

Sandwina Founder and CEO Bridget Lohrius said: a coaching company to eliminate gender inequality in the workplace. Reader’s Digestone of the reasons behind the “enraged hypothesis” is that ‘Workers perish’ .

“In fact, 96% of people plan to change jobs in 2023. They want more: more money, more flexibility, more recognition, more purpose. .” he explained.

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do you get results?

However, this risk can have both negative and positive consequences.

according to Alice Stapleton, Job Coach if the “furious assumption” is well executed, it can be very informative, but is recommended “Make mature negotiations and keep communication channels open.” with a previous employer.

Also, such outbursts can help workers gain the courage to apply for new jobs that have been postponed Long time.

However, there are risks in creating it. unpleasant work environment good, “Many employers prefer to be counseled before being threatened with resignation.” Stapleton says.

can also happen I didn’t get one of the jobs I applied for or in the process lose interest in them.can even lead to Dismissal warned the coach.

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