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Mustache and chin: Doja Cat returns to Paris Fashion Week and winks at critics



American rapper Doja Cat has responded to criticism from her followers for missing eyelashes. In a nod to those comments, she used false eyelashes all over her face.

After dominating social networks with her bold style clad in 30,000 red crystals at her Fashion Week show in Paris, American rapper Doja Cat is back to do something Wednesday afternoon. provided a topic. Manifested by a mustache and chin made of false eyelashes.

and that voice say so He wanted to focus on user comments and adopt some of the criticisms that had surfaced on social networks about his red style by then. The person who criticized her for not seeing her eyelashes.

Through Instagram stories, the artist wrote a short message on a black background.If you want tabs, you will get them See you at Victor and Rolf. ”

The story of Doja Cat is told in text.
Instagram capture

This is how the rapper arrived at the Viktor and Rolf branded show. It sports a mustache, chin and eyebrows made entirely out of false eyelashes.

Along with discerning makeup, boss bitch He wore a light brown two-piece suit with white lines, and the jacket featured large dropped shoulders and was short in the front and past the knees in the back.

Likewise, he also wore a white blouse with aqua green lining that had detail on the chest and large cuffs, along with white shoes and nails.

On that style, users began commenting on this style, telling him “Mr. Doja Cat”, referring to the artist’s masculine appearance.

In a conversation with French magazine Nylon, the artist claimed to be inspired by innovation and magic. People said I had no eyelashes and was disappointed they weren’t there. ” he commented.

“That’s why I worked with one of the greatest makeup artists of all time, Pat McGrath. today i gave them eyelashes So I hope they are happy. I just want to make people happy. ”

Similarly, Doja Cat said, “I love being here, I love expressing myself here. ”

Source: Biobiochile

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