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Study Reveals Effects of ‘Mansplaining’ on Women and Men: No Gender Bias



A psychological study revealed the effects of “mansplaining” on the mental health of men and women. The study concluded that the behavior was not due to gender bias.

A few days ago, a video about a situation started going viral on TikTok. “Mansplaining” occurred in Spanish dating show where one of the participants makes him Questions about your medical knowledge at time of booking who study race.

However, the subject appears to be doing so to test her rather than out of curiosity. “Is it okay to eat fish every day? no crustaceans, crustaceans must be limited, because I am studying medicine, What can you know more or less about the topic? How long have you been in medical school? ” He tells her without letting her answer.

The registry generated some Criticism of Fitness Athletes on Social Networks some supported the girl.

This situation was soon dubbed “mansplaining”.This is “when A man speaks to a woman in a condescending manner, believing her to be ignorant, but in fact her own knowledge of the subject is incomplete and she may know more about the subject. Noni but it is incomprehensible to humans.

Now, psychological research Michigan State University revealed the effects of this behavior on the mental health of men and women.

for it, Caitlin Briggs, graduate researcher and his colleagues, 128 people were asked to evaluate how to allocate bonus funds to company employees .

Mansplaining has no gender bias

After reviewing the candidates’ resumes, they were divided into groups and two actors, a male and a female, evaluated their performances. Ask if they understood the task and continue to explain .

Sometimes the woman explained to the man, and sometimes vice versa, and sometimes the “mansplainer” was someone of the same sex.

The study therefore concluded that: Mansplaining per se is not gender bias that is, a man who “explains” a subject to another woman not because he is a woman, but because he is a woman. they think they don’t know much .

with this The “mansplainers” behaved in the same way as other men who they thought were more ignorant on the subject. .

Effects of behavior on mental health

but, Journal of Business and Psychologyconcluded that “Women had mostly negative consequences when explained to men, but men were less affected.” Briggs said.

He said that if it was men who were explained by women, they “They found it disrespectful, but they didn’t feel any difference whether it was from a man or a woman.” .

“Result is, condescending explanations, lack of awareness, or voice interruptions , Women responded more negatively and were more likely to view the behavior as a sign of prejudice gender changes when the communicator was male,” the researchers explained.

Another effect of “mansplaining” in psychology is Women reduced the number of words they used to respond After the man explained something to them.

Source: Biobiochile

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