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More than 100 directors of health centers threatened to resign in a letter to Golob



With the expected increase, some doctors will also overtake the directors in terms of basic salaries in April

If by the end of the month the government does not eliminate the salary disparities that will arise from the increase in doctors’ salaries, more than a hundred directors of hospitals and ZDs are threatening to resign. They sent a letter to Prime Minister Golob demanding immediate action.

Directors of hospitals and health centers from the Prime Minister Robert Golob they demand that he eliminate the salary disparities that will arise from April, when doctors’ salaries are increased in accordance with last year’s agreement – young doctors will increase by a fifth, older doctors by 8 percent, and at the same time the salary ceiling will be removed. If the government does not take action by April 1, the directors of health institutions are threatening to resign.

As they wrote in the letter, which was first reported by the portal N1, they were mainly disturbed by the fact that some doctors will overtake the directors in April even with their basic or starting salaries. “This puts the management of public health institutions in a completely incomparable and discriminatory position in terms of the demands and responsibilities of the job, and they are the tip over the edge of an already absurd situation.” they wrote in a letter signed by 103 directors or expert directors of 77 hospitals, medical centers and public institutes in the field of healthcare.

According to Television Slovenia, the directors explain in the letter that the average director of a hospital is placed in the 57th grade, and the director of a medical center in the 53rd grade, and from April the most experienced doctors will be placed in the 62nd grade, and in the future all the way up to the 66th salary grade . As they warn, some doctors and nurses are already better paid than directors, mainly due to overtime and bonuses, and the April increase will increase the disparity even more.

In February, the directors warned about the lack of motivation for work

In February, the Association of Healthcare Institutions of Slovenia warned that the directors of healthcare institutions are rewarded much worse than the colleagues they manage. “Directors and professional directors who are doctors warn that they no longer have any motivation to continue working in leading positions for a significantly lower salary than the colleagues they lead, so some are even considering resigning from their positions,” they wrote in the February press release.

According to information from Television Slovenia, the directors have not yet received the government’s response to the letter, which was supposed to have been sent last week.

Source: Rtvslo

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