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‘Lucky Girl’ Syndrome: The Truth That Makes Lucky and Positive Things “Manifest”



Deciding to buy a car or make a successful career seems to be a trend that is growing and gaining followers, but mental health experts say it can lead to harmful behaviors. There is a possibility

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of videos on TikTok and Instagram talking about how to live life. “lucky girl” where Affirmations and Manifests A recent trend identifies this behavior as “syndrome”. may have some toxicity .

All “lucky girls” have to follow rules like saying out loud: however, Other Manifestation Methods That Can Be More Complex and Tiresome .

such as wearing Diary Inspired by “Manifestation 3,6,9” This means writing your wishes 3 times in the morning, 6 times during the day, and 9 times before going to bed. Another method is 55×5, where you have to write affirmations 55 times a day for 5 days.

But the important thing is to record these situations and things as they manifest themselves. You can also write tweets and post on social media as collected Country.

about Affirmation You can use the same method, but The only rule that they are written in the present tense as if the objective had already been achieved.

According to those who preach the practice, it will bring results. “Law of Attraction” However, some mental health experts say: Behavior can be toxic .


Enter the era of lucky girls ???????? IG: elenaaescobar

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Manifestation and Affirmation: Toxic Behavior

Confirming that this method of getting lucky is very complicated, even impossible, according to various mental health experts: unhealthy behavior.

One of the medical reactions behind “lucky girl” syndrome is pronoia. Opposite of paranoia This is made up of people Believes in a self-focused conspiracy to achieve personal success by others or by oneself .

people with pronoia believe that everyone is trying to help him succeed altering outcomes to bring success where necessary, and even making everyone naturally wish for luck.

The reverse behind this “hope” is The person does not take into account negative situations or obstacles that may be overcome to achieve the goal . about this, Jennifer Cornejo, psychologist at Santa Maria Clinic asserts: “It is useless without a realistic assessment of the situation. Positive thinking alone won’t give you what you want “,slogan The third.

But that’s not all. They often think they have everything under control. – what is not real – therefore When something goes wrong, they also feel it’s their fault .

“I can see Frustration Infinitely wanting what doesn’t happen because “I didn’t want it enough” or “I didn’t declare it so strongly”. People start to feel guilty about situations they couldn’t change no matter how much they wanted to. adds Cornejo.

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