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The Union of Patient Organizations does not understand ZZZS’s criticism of the new call center



Response to the statements of the management of the health fund

The Association of Patient Organizations of Slovenia emphasizes that they expect all professional organizations in Slovenian healthcare to put patients first instead of shifting responsibilities.

In the Association of Patient Organizations of Slovenia, which brings together 30 different federations, associations and societies in the fields of various diseases, they support all activities that affect better patient access to health services, they wrote in a press release.

Last autumn, in a special working group, they formed positions on accessibility and equality and supplemented them with seven concrete measures, which also include everything that their patient organizations can contribute to solving this problem. The positions and proposed measures have already been presented to the Minister of Health.

They also supported the 080 18 01 hotline as a new route to information available to patients. They understand the difficulties they face when starting operations and emphasize that it is in their interest that the number survives and develops to full functionality.

They drew attention to the incomprehensible criticism of the new telephone number expressed by the ZZZS management. “Especially since we missed their response in the face of severe problems with patients’ accessibility both directly to healthcare providers and especially with unresponsiveness on phone numbers or email,” they wrote.

ZZZS commendably announced some improvements also in their way of providing up-to-date information, they emphasized and added that they expect not only ZZZS, but all professional organizations in Slovenian healthcare to put patients first, instead of shifting responsibility to others and on the second, they should start working together. The association offers such cooperation to everyone, they emphasized.

Not updated lists of ZSSS

The call center for assistance to users of the health care system started operating on March 1. You can call 080 18 01 on weekdays between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. The call center is intended, among other things, to help people find a personal doctor and to find clinics for the undefined.

Shortly after the operation of the call center, the Ministry of Health announced that ZZZS lists of available doctors were not updated. ZZZS was asked to update the lists.

Director General of ZZZS Tatjana Mlakar then announced that the institution will start daily updating data on available doctors by March 24 at the latest. “This kind of daily updating will not actually solve the initial problem, as a result we will no longer have free doctors, but only repeatedly updated data,” Mlakar warned.

Source: Rtvslo

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