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Carola de Moras confessed to having her lungs removed for ‘cystic grape sticks’: Is it frequent?



A TV animator has told for the first time the real reason why he lost his lungs as a child. .

TV presenter, Carol Demoras appeared on tvN’s late-night program, Goodnight everyonethis Thursday, He confessed that the reason he lost his lungs at the age of eight was due to a “cysticized grape stick”. .

“At the age of eight they took it out. In life, one in a million (…) When I was little, I got a grape stick stuck in my lung. At 8, they noticed why I was in critical condition, a completely collapsed lung, a fluid-filled lung, an infection inside, and took it out. said the former Viña Festival animator.

In addition to this, Model also said it was a difficult process as American specialists had to arrive after long hospital stays to reach an accurate diagnosis. Presented as “salvation”. Because the other option was to perform an extraction, which meant breaking some ribs, and then install a metal plate that would reduce his mobility.

How often have accidents been experienced by Carola Demoras?

according to Marcelo Parra, Head of Surgery Specialty and Coordinator of Thoracic Surgery, Integramédica in a conversation with BioBio Chilethis “Although rare, it can happen if you accidentally inhale while eating grapes without removing the stick.” .

If this element stays in the lungs, block the airway, causing shortness of breath and chest pain , experts explain. he adds: “It can also cause inflammation in the surrounding lung tissue, which can lead to lung infections if not treated properly.” .

In these cases, experts early discovery This item can be removed by an outpatient procedure called . bronchoscopy this is the procedure A flexible tube is used to access the lungs and remove the foreign body ”.

However, once diagnosed slow a more invasive procedure, as in the case of Carola de Moras Lung resection .

After the intervention, the cheerleaders had to use a “car-like cart with two jars,” one to fill with liquid to clean the chest when inhaling and another to expel. was used for “I walked around the clinic with carts and such, and after a while I recovered.” he concluded.

Source: Biobiochile

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