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Brecelj: Admissions for foreign doctors should be simplified



According to the strategic council, the number of enrollment places at medical faculties should be increased this year

The Strategic Council for Healthcare is rapidly preparing proposals for healthcare reform. So far, the most attention has been devoted to solving primary health care. At the same time, Erik Brecelj also emphasizes the need to facilitate the recruitment procedures of foreign doctors.

There are many problems in health care and they are difficult to understand, but at the same time they are easily solvable, according to the head of the strategic council for health care Erik Brecelj, who doubts that models from Scandinavia can be transferred to Slovenia. As he said at Thursday’s development forum in Portorož, we have to find solutions ourselves.

As he says, there are thousands of obstacles in the field of primary healthcare, not only in the administrative work of doctors, but also in importing foreign doctors. “For foreigners who would come to Slovenia, especially those coming from the countries of the former Yugoslavia, receptions should be simplified. We are also thinking about some point where we would get all the information, about personnel fairs in the republics of the former Yugoslavia. Step by step, ” Brecelj said to Radio Slovenia.

It is also imperative to increase enrollment at both medical faculties, already in the coming school year. “Our wish is to achieve the largest enrollment in the history of independent Slovenia, i.e. 254 students – we will only know this in years to come, but these are the first steps,” he said. Approximately that many medical students were enrolled in 2011, since then the number of enrollments has hovered around the number 170, which, according to Brecl, is unacceptable.

The head of the strategic council does not know the word impossible. “It’s possible. The clinical exercises might be the problem,” said Brecelj, who says he has already contacted hospitals about this. “I think it’s just a matter of good will,” he said.

Brecelj also attaches special importance to the establishment of a national institute for quality in healthcare, which would supervise both public and private healthcare, and also believes that a network should be created for the exchange of data between the ministry, NIJZ and ZZZS and analyze the burden on the healthcare system regions. On Thursday, as he said, the most attention was paid to the changes to ZZZS, which, however, have not yet been revealed.

Source: Rtvslo

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