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Marko Jug: UKC Ljubljana was not informed about the transfer abroad



In a press release, UKC Ljubljana General Director Marko Jug explains the costs of the Macedonian girl’s operation. Namely, 6,000 euros of private fees were transferred to the account of the agency in Hong Kong.

On Wednesday, the news broke that the renowned neurosurgeon Roman Bosniak operated on a citizen of North Macedonia, who, in addition to paying 27,000 euros according to the regular price list for a “private fee”, had to transfer an additional 6,000 euros to the doctor. According to information from POP TV, the patient had to transfer the money to the agency’s bank account in Hong Kong before the procedure, as a reason for this is what Bošnjak referred to as tax optimization.

The Bosniak sent the patient’s family a preliminary invoice for the operation to remove the tumor in the amount of 27,000 euros from a private email address. The invoice shows the official logo of the University Clinical Center Ljubljana, where Bošnjak is the head of the clinical department for neurosurgery. The patient’s family paid both bills, including the one for the private fee, on January 18, before the operation.

The message was intercepted and passed on to commercial television by an unnamed source. POP TV also obtained the invoice of the Hong Kong agency, which in the aforementioned case lists the expert’s fee and medical advice as an item, but not the payment of the annual membership fee, as stated by Bošnjak.

The Medical Chamber of Slovenia has called for an investigation and clarification of the events in the case of the treatment of the girl from North Macedonia as soon as possible. “The practice of highly qualified doctors offering their expertise as consultants in an international environment is not controversial, but it must be carried out in a legal and transparent manner.” As they wrote, they advocate zero tolerance for controversial behavior and have already initiated procedures to clarify what is happening. They are also supposed to provide the state authorities with all the necessary professional support in handling the case.

Source: Rtvslo

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