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From Infection to Tooth Loss: The Dangers Behind Estacion Central’s ‘Walking Dentist’



The “offer” published on TikTok sparked controversy after it went viral on social networks. In this regard, dental care professionals have detailed the risks faced by those accessing these procedures on public roads.

Bracket frames, color league changes and whitening are our services TikTok users @25. Lanicol He uploaded the offer to the platform.

Inside the plastic box are bottles of mouthwash and alcohol, on top of which are various colored “showcase” rubber bands, all of which have their own value, ranging from 5,000 to 50,000 per year. An expensive “procedure”.

This business has received a lot of attention not only on social networks, but also in the dental community. In the press release, College of Dental Surgeons of Chile AG We strongly denied any illegal activity as these places apparently do not have corresponding health resolutions.

In addition, it represents a higher risk for patients. “Infection of the teeth and gums. It can exacerbate malocclusion, risk losing one or more teeth, and can cause permanent functional and aesthetic sequelae.” those people write.

What are the risks to dental health?

Regarding the danger of irregular treatment by such a “walking dentist”, Eduardo Salas, Dental Director of Vidaintegra explains that they can develop “Transmission and spread of infectious diseases and viruses. The oral cavity is one of the areas with the highest bacterial load, so performing procedures without facilities and minimal biosafety conditions puts patient health at risk.” .” .

On the contrary, Daniela Cordova Rodriguez, Director of Dental Clinic, University of Chile add what can be presented from “Intraoral lacerations, transmission of multiple diseases, tooth loss, various types of burns, allergic reactions to the compounds used, etc.” .

Experts warn that although the procedure is carried out by professionals, public roads are not the ideal location. “Dental procedures must be performed by a dental professional in a clinical setting. For dentists in other countries, we have to remember that professional titles need to be normalized in order to be able to practice the profession in our country,” he affirms. .

Source: Biobiochile

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