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Golob: We will take all smart suggestions into account when reforming healthcare



Meeting of the Strategic Council of the Freedom Movement

Prime Minister Robert Golob said after the meeting of the strategic council, which discussed, among other things, the digitization of healthcare and the organization of ZZZS, that they are currently still discussing the starting points. Once the bill is harmonized, it will be presented to the public.

After the meeting of the executive committee of the Svoboda Movement, the Prime Minister Robert Dove he did not want to comment in detail on the content of Thursday’s meeting of the strategic council, but he assessed Yes the meeting was very good. “Yesterday’s session was great. We exchanged views on the proposed first two measures, digitization and law on the institution for medically insurance,” he said.

According to Golob, the solutions, which will also be forwarded for public consideration, will therefore be significantly better than the starting points. He also emphasized Yes communication will take place in a coordinated manner, i.e. together with the chairman of the strategic council Erik Breclje and to the Minister of Health Danijelo Bešič Loredan.

He also commented on some information, Yes the bill, which will deal with the organization of the Institute for medically Insurance of Slovenia (ZZZS), is being prepared by both the Ministry of Health and the Strategic Council for Health Care. The pigeon asserted, Yes will “one proposal went public“. As he added, he himself knows at least four proposals, since each one has interested public all right, Yes prepares his proposals.

He further explained, Yes the strategic council decided how to improve the proposal prepared by the ministry. In addition, there is also an interdepartmental working group for health care and when the proposal is sufficiently coordinated among all three steering stakeholders medically reform, it will be forwarded to a public debate. “Today we do not have a proposal yet, today we only have different starting points from different groups,” he emphasized.

According to reports N1 among other things, the starting points should envisage a new management structure of the institution and should abolish the institute’s assembly, as it is formed now, and should form a smaller supervisory committee. According to the proposal, ZZZS should no longer have a general director, but an executive director and management tasks were performed by the board of directors.

Golob: We will take into account all proposals for healthcare reform

Golob also answered the question of whether they might take into account some proposal of NSi regarding the health reform, given that Yes did not support the interpellation. “The composition of the strategic council is ideologically completely diverse and we don’t even bother with where the suggestions come from. We will take into account all smart suggestions in the healthcare reform, it doesn’t matter if they do Yes on one side the Left or on the other SDS,” he said.

One of the main criticisms in the interpellation is the situation in healthcare. That they are always happy to show customers constructively attitude, regardless of whether they are in the coalition or in the opposition, Golob commented on NSi’s move. “It’s important, Yes they are constructivebecause they are constructive to the country and to people, but not to the rest of the customers,” said the Prime Minister.

According to Golob, the coalition will devote the time to discuss the interpellation to Yes will be public and presented the work to the opposition and the results of the work of the government coalition and her plans for the future. Constructive proposals of the SDS parliamentary group for medically the reform will be “gladly listened“, he also said.

Source: Rtvslo

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