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NSi: Working Western European health concepts should be introduced into our space



A set of nine solutions for universally accessible public healthcare

NSi gathered at the program conference Public healthcare accessible to all, which was dedicated to the renovation of the healthcare system. Solutions for universally accessible public healthcare were already presented in January.

If we want to maintain a health system accessible to all, we have to put it on a new foundation,” they already wrote in the invitation to the program conference at NSi, where they believe they have the right answers to the questions and dilemmas raised by the health reform.

According to NSi, health care reform is a national project. The adopted program of the conference will be the starting point for the legislative proposals, which will be, according to the announcements made by the President of NSi Matej Tonininvested since May“. “Of course, we sincerely hope that this will not be necessary and that the government will hurry up,” he said.

NSi presented its package of nine solutions for accessible public health care already in January. At this conference, it was presented by the head of the health care committee at NSi Matjaž Trontelj, who said that NSi’s solutions are also reflected in the Ministry of Health’s proposals for health reform. Trontelj occasionally attends meetings of the government’s strategic council for health care, according to the minutes of the meetings.

In NSi, they believe that it is necessary to immediately include all available medical capacities in all providers of medical activities – both public institutes, concessionaires and private individuals, to introduce a special status form of an independent carrier of medical activities, to eliminate the monopoly of the Institute for Health Insurance of Slovenia. At the same time, they believe that all medical services, even from private individuals and concessionaires, should be paid for by insurance.

They also want a clear introduction of standards of quality and safety of health services and their payment according to the results of treatment, including rewarding of employees in health care, in accordance with the results of work. They propose the transformation of public health institutions, which should operate on a non-profit basis, but according to the principles of commercial companies, as well as increasing the number of enrollment places at medical faculties and other higher education institutions, reducing the administrative burden on doctors and introducing the digitalization of health care. They believe that it is crucial to put the patient in the center and to introduce working Western European medical concepts into our space.

The guests welcomed NSi’s proposals

The founder of MC Medicor Slovenia also addressed the conference Zorc bulletfounder of the specialist practice Avelana Andrej Šikovecvice president of the Association of Patient Organizations of Slovenia Franci Gerbec and specialist in infectology Federico V. Potočnik. The speakers welcomed NSi’s proposals.

Zorc emphasized the importance of respect for the patient, good organization and cooperation between doctor and patient as well as between primary, secondary and tertiary levels. This was also confirmed by Gerbec on behalf of the patients, who added the importance of a greater level of awareness among patients and their healthy lifestyle. “Without patient pressure, things will not change,” he added.

For Šikovac, the most important thing is the physical examination of the patient. “Digitization will not eliminate the need for personal contact between doctor and patient,” he said. He also sees solutions in the introduction of emergency services in medical centers, which would reduce the pressure on emergency rooms and the greater powers of graduate nurses.

Potočnik emphasized the importance of innovation in healthcare and competition on the market of insurance companies, while the minimum scope of the basket of healthcare services must be clearly defined. In his opinion, the central management of hospitals should also be abolished.

Source: Rtvslo

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