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Does the “Mozart effect” work?Scientists discover truth of its impact on epilepsy symptoms



After years of belief in the medicinal effects of the Austrian composer’s music on mental health, a small study has been published to destroy the myth.

research done by University of Vienna Contrary to what has been believed for years, Music by composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart does not affect brain health .

acquaintance “Mozart Effect” A term coined in connection with Claims of the Health Benefits of Classical Music For years, it has been said that epilepsy will relieve symptoms when it becomes resistant to drugs. ‘Reduced’ the radio waves that caused the crisis .

In previous studies, May Benefit Mental Health and Stimulate Learning A new Austrian study did not address this theory, but tested its effects on brain damage.

In a study published in scientific report nature, scientist Sandra Overreiter and Jakob Piechnig In total we analyzed another 8 studies 207 participants From there they concluded: “When listening to Mozart and other musical stimuli, we observed ‘trivial’ and ‘trivial’ effects on epilepsy and other medical conditions.” .

therefore, listen to sonata K448 of Mozart has no effect on brain health Similar to a Geisel University study published in the same scientific journal in 2021, the belief in its impact states that even just listening to 30 seconds of the song is beneficial. “Exaggerated invention” .

The study found that this effect persisted “Inflate effect” and a random reaction external reason which contradicts previous conclusions.

According to other findings, in fact Some songs could be ‘pro-epileptic’ that is, they cause epileptic seizures in those who hear them. Symphony 94 Joseph Haydn .

Source: Biobiochile

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