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Dermatologist explains 5 ‘red flags’ for recommended skincare products on TikTok



Dermatologists warn that 12-step skin care routines and the most expensive products at the beauty store aren’t always the most beneficial, so they’ve detailed five points to stop when choosing them. increase.

Skincare routines on TikTok are presented as a wave of good advice, presented as the key to perfect skin, driving sales until stores run out of products, but there are a few. red flag of these products to consider.

Since the beginning of the Internet, users have been dedicated to sharing their experiences. With that came a wave of recommendations on all topics as well. skin care routine And each “ideal product”.

As all kinds of content created by subject matter experts and people not focused on the platform, dermatologists go into detail 5 ‘red flags’ to consider when choosing skin care products recommended on Tiktok Or any other platform.

5 skincare red flags

Joshua Zeichner, dermatologist and associate professor at Mount Sinai Hospital, New York next to Ivy Lee, Board Certified Dermatologist in Los Angeles california, details insider The main signs to look out for before choosing skin care products.

1. “Accommodation” Benefits

This is the first caveat detailed by the experts. If a product promises to make a difference overnight, it’s a lie. it is not effective .

“Most skin care products take weeks or months to work.” Seichner explains. that is, Procedures like retinol or microdermabrasion may also not help immediately .

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2. Ingredients you have never heard of

While skin creams and masks typically contain chemical ingredients with tongue-in-cheek names, some are only used for other areas of the body or other treatments. they shouldn’t even be in cosmetics .

That’s why Lee encourages users to research the compound and skin problem they want to solve. “I encourage my patients to focus on the active ingredient and whether it works for their primary skin concern.” which designates the American media.

3. Watch out for high prices

According to experts, Higher price does not mean better quality In fact, for Zeichner Even low-cost products can deliver stunning results on your skin. .

Under this logic, products that can be found in pharmacies rather than beauty stores are equally beneficial, as long as they are suitable for your skin type and the problem you want to solve.

4. Don’t overload your skin care routine

of 12 step korean skin care routine It is also one of the most popular social networks. There he immerses himself in the enchanting “step by step”. Achieve flawless skin with serums, creams, masks, gels and several other products.

But experts warn: On the contrary, overloading your beauty routine can lead to more dermatological problems. . “Both breakouts and inflammation are common risks of overusing or overusing skin care products.” says Lee.

This warning indicates that the product retinoid and stripping acid can occur from Allergy to skin lesions .

5. Precautions for DIY products

The same doctor warns you don’t have to spend a lot of money to find a good skincare routine, but the truth is Do-it-yourself products and home remedies are not always recommended .

For example, mask A chemical peel that promises to remove old keratin by exfoliating like them ice roller or microneedle (microneedle) skin lesions and infections Seichner warns.

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