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Ljubljana: Open tender for dentistry, completed tenders for gynecology and family medicine



In the municipality of Ljubljana, a tender is being held for the award of a concession for the provision of public service in basic health care, namely in the field of adult dentistry. They will grant a concession for 0.8 programs, and the application deadline is March 16.

In the meantime, two tenders for concessions in basic health activities, which Mol announced in December, have ended. Concession for a total of 1.5 programs family medicine were awarded to Savemo for one program gynecology and obstetrics and to Zdravje Ljubljana Health Institute, is published on the municipality’s website.

Several programs were announced. Not one program was awarded from the first call dentistry adults, and a total of 2.5 family medicine programs and 0.6 programs were not awarded from the second pediatrics. “Whatever was the right application is granted,” the mayor said at the regular press conference Zoran Janković.

He added that there are always two options for unallocated programs. First of all, they offer programs Ljubljana health center, he gets them if he has a cadre. If there is no staff, they prepare a new tender, which, according to Janković, could happen in the first half of this year.

Big problems due to doctors leaving

In January, the municipality explained to the Slovenian Press Agency that, from the end of 2017, all Mola public tenders for the awarding of concessions include a criterion according to which a tenderer who applies with a doctor who is not from the Ljubljana Medical Center, when evaluating bids gets 30 extra points out of 100 possible. With this, they want to limit the departure of doctors from Ljubljana’s health or from the existing public network of primary healthcare in Ljubljana.

In the last period, several family doctors left the Ljubljana Medical Center, the Polje unit was even left without them, so the patients had to be transferred to the Fužine unit.

Source: Rtvslo

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