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Studies have confirmed that Chile is one of the endemic areas for Chagas disease. Chagas disease is predominant in Andean regions.



Research has revealed that indigenous peoples of the Amazon region have genetic mutations that make them resistant to Chagas infection. On the contrary, in Andean regions such as Chile, the disease is endemic.

Indigenous peoples of the Amazon region have a genetic resistance to Chagas infection. Research at the University of Sao Paulo,however, Andean countries like Chile will become endemic .

Research led by Tabitha Huenemeyer our country Exclusive areas where the infection is unique .as mentioned French 24Traces of the disease have been found in 7,000-year-old mummies from the area.

The researchers believe that a process of natural selection began to favor Amazonian populations that mutated to Chagas about 7,500 years ago. the current, The prevalence of these mutations is over 80% in some regions of Brazil in the Amazon ecosystem. .

Precisely, most There is this genetic differentiation in the population, and fewer cases of Chagas are reported : Illness particularly affects Andes and mountains where it wreaks havoc.

Chagas endemic map

To support their conclusions, the researchers studied how cultures of cells with mutations in DNA responded to the Chagas parasite compared to cultures of cells without this genetic differentiation . After 1 day of exposure to the parasite, Mutation reduced pathogens by 25% .

We still have a long way to go to fully understand how genetics work against Chagas disease, but this study will help us better understand neglected diseases, such as those with treatments but no vaccines yet. It can be the first step to understanding.

despite this, It affects 6 million people worldwide, with 30,000 new infections and 12,000 deaths each year. 70% of people have asymptomatic disease, 30% develop serious cardiovascular and bowel problems .

Chagas disease is considered a disease that contributes to poverty in rural, already vulnerable populations. Only 10% of cases are diagnosed and only 1% of patients receive treatment. Without Medication, A Majority Of Patients Make Pictures Of Disease Disorders therefore poor.

Source: Biobiochile

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