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TikToker’s Jeffrey Marsh Is Accused Of Grooming For Talking ‘Non-binary’ Gender To Children


He is an American influencer dedicated to educating children about being nonbinary and transgender. However, certain details in his message implied some accusations against him about his grooming.

With slogans like “God is non-binary” and “biological gender is fake,” TikTok influencers Jeffrey Marshall We are at the forefront of social networks these days. After uploading the video, it all started. Children were “advised” not to contact their parents if they disagreed with these beliefs .

A 45-year-old who identifies as non-binary and uses the pronoun They/Them (“them”), Marsh was already known for his role prior to joining the platform. LGBTIQ+ community activist, express in talks and texts as he himself claims in his web page.

For this same reason, it wasn’t difficult for him to gain a following on the internet where he already has over 680,000 fans.communication In a close-up video where his face and provocative expressions take up nearly the entire screen, Jeffrey expands on his message .

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Charges Against Jeffrey Marsh

“If men were created in God’s image and women were created in God’s image, then God must be transgender.” one of his most controversial records, has been accused of being “grooming” by followers of various religions.

Among other things, he has been accused of talking to minors about sex and trying to convince them that they are in fact living with a wrong gender identity because their parents were “wrong.” . Internet, not with parents.

of Muslim comedian Smirn Nessa was among the controversial by raising her voice on social networks and making videos mimicking Marsh on TikTok.

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In another record, the woman asserted influencers groomed minors. Many of his clips began with the message, “For kids only,” and then he claimed he invited them to subscribe to his Patreon account, a paid social network that allows him to share all kinds of content, making his judgement. Now explicitly for sex according to the slogan al jazeera.

After this, the woman was subjected to a series of threats and attacks. Among them was a letter warning to protect a little daughter who knew her address, and even found her car completely vandalized.

This is an example of an argument that has arisen, with some defending it and others gathering more and more information to ensure this is true.


♬ Original Sound – Jeffrey Marsh

childhood grooming

As defined on its website, Chilean Public Prosecutor’s Officecomponents of grooming “Situations where adults sexually abuse children and adolescents over the Internet using chat rooms and webcams.” .

In addition to this, one of the steps in the groomer’s modus operandi is isolate This is done via private chat rooms or fake profiles to hide one’s identity, which is one of Patreon’s hallmarks.

From there, the harasser Chilean sociologist Pablo Funeus like “Temptation” In Jeffrey Marsh’s case, it may be far from sexual.

“He’s an asexual seducer, but at the same time he’s very sexualized. He makes little eyes, makes semi-hypnotic gestures, and just lacks a candle to be an altar saint.” He’s very smart and manipulative,” he explains.

Julio César Carrasco, EMDR Psychotherapist in Marsh’s particular case, he uses his research and knowledge as an actor to make his message effective.

His message raises concepts of simple consumption such as positivity and self-esteem. Isn’t it someone who says “You can take care of yourself”, someone I want to follow? So it’s dangerous to expose minors “He warns.

After this stage the groomer begins Encourage children to “lower their inhibitions” and create content of a sexual nature, or generate it themselves After this, the intimidation phase begins which prolongs the sexual harassment situation.

Could Jeffrey Marsh cause an identity crisis?

In the case of Jeffrey Marsh, the accusations against him about his grooming not only refer to allegations of sexually charged speech directed at children, “Trying to convince minors that they are nonbinary and transgender.” .

Note that there are no videos containing this speech, at least on his public TikTok profile, but some have been deleted or the audio has been removed.Mental health professionals believe these messages They can contribute to children’s potential identity crises .

Rebolledo explains this as follows: “Gender orientation and gender identity are processes that can be influenced by environmental and cultural variables. but ultimately it is a natural process for a person to identify with one or another, or with several, Such early stimuli to the subject matter because the boy or girl is incapable of comprehension.it can make changes in its own natural development ”.

Carrasco further emphasizes this point. Marsh asserts that it even violates proper rights to identity : “You are intentionally violating this right. Offering personal opinions as truthful without any kind of support, listening, being disturbed, altered, confused, or questioning the natural and personal process of forming one’s identity. Expose NNA (Boys, Girls, Youth) We are only halfway there. ”

In the face of grooming, experts warn, prevention is better. accompaniment In addition to not treating it as a taboo subject while using social networks or electronic devices.

“Things that parents say in advance that they are not responsible” , explains child and adolescent psychologists when sexual harassment situations are suspected. In addition, we recommend making it clear to children that even if they agree to produce sexual material, they should understand that it is not their responsibility. Consent was obtained by the operation .

How do I know if my child is a victim of grooming?

As Rebolledo explains, one of the first behaviors victims adopt is “keeping too many secrets about conversations.” This is manifested by preventing others from using your device or by protecting it with a password that the parent does not know. It’s also possible that children are “more frightened, nervous and anxious without any obvious triggers,” the experts added.

The biggest signs of “rebellion” and signs from outside characters that something is happening are also signs to watch for. Experts explain that while it is common for young people to become isolated during puberty, grooming can be unusually extreme.

Grooming in Chile

according to Ariela Rebolledo, Child and Adolescent Psychologist at Clínica Bupa Santiago this behavior Influences 1 in 4 people who use social media “So 25%. Cups are expensive,” adds the pro. Sociologists add that it’s a topic that isn’t talked about much.

The reasons behind grooming at the national level are largely due to the loneliness of children and adolescents, who often remain “For cell phone care” Funeus says.

“The problem is not with Jeffrey Marsh, but with the victims, the children left behind (…) They touch the shortcomings They go in (to the harassers) for their faults and prejudices “, explanation.

This, as he comments, indirect abandonment By a parent or guardian who must attend work. As a result, humans are social by nature and look for ways to exercise it, and being alone allows us to rely on digital platforms that aren’t always optimal.

Grooming cases are skyrocketing on these platforms. parental control app even if you’re far away “They’re unknown because it’s considered a far cry from reality in Chile, but it’s not. Quite the opposite.” Add the revoledo.

In 2018-2019, complaints about grooming and related crimes were high in Chile More than 2,000, according to investigative police reports .

Today, Marsh continues to create content on TikTok, offering advice and inviting users to join his Patreon account.

Source: Biobiochile



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