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Bigger Eyes with Little Tricks: Top Makeup Tips



The trick includes a bonus: a creative makeup tribute to her latest hit for Shakira and Pique.

Makeup: A world that guides you into how to design ways to accentuate your look, not only on the rest of your face, but also on other parts that are in vogue to make your eyes look bigger.

This is exactly what the influencer, an expert in the field, took the time to share in a short but important video that gives you ideas on how to make your eyes bigger and, as a bonus, successes and failures. Discussed in making up this pair called the Mirror of the Soul.

Grab your brushes and shadows, or paper or pencil, and consider a series of valuable tips when applying muted or flashy makeup. That’s at each person’s discretion, not a public tip.

how to make your eyes look bigger

A public profile of an influencer that quickly grabs attention with bold introductory phrases like this shouldn’t be taken lightly. We need access to content to integrate theory and practice, especially when it comes to making our eyes look bigger.

“Remember how light tones stand out and dark tones create depth?” asks the Spaniard at the beginning of Facebook’s reel. , and also a great editing method where color and technique are key elements of his purpose.

Contour theory (the process of using light and shadow to sculpt the face) is integral to the advice in this audiovisual resource called “How to Enlarge Your Eyes.”

“It’s a lighter tone in the center and shaded around. I avoid outlining the waterline (where the tears come from),” says Camila, the real name of this makeup content creator. .

The Spanish influencer has made it clear that there’s nothing wrong with doing it, but she mentions testing.

It turns out that the eyes change dramatically when you do the former.

“Outlining the waterline with a darker shade visually narrows the eye opening. And how do you amplify them? With a white pencil that blends visually with the whites of your eyes. A good example is the “drag queen” configuration. They usually put white under the lashes and apply darker shadows lower down. .

The above is not part of a typical video narration of a person putting on makeup step by step.

“Eyebrows and eyelashes have a lot of influence” his colorful and dynamic material sentences, reproduced 10 million times, at the end of this notebook.

Eyes that move apart or meet

Among the tips to follow is how to shade the eye with a darker color at the edge of the eye, but the technique or trick is to do it from the eye rather than underneath. The video shows how it’s right and how it’s not.

And, literally, there are golden tips for those with special eye shapes. If your eyes are very close together, you shouldn’t put eyeliner in your tear ducts for no reason. On the other hand, if they are very far apart, it helps to visually unify them.

If the eyes are drooping, it will not be convenient to paint over the edges with black, as the effect will be intensified. According to Camila, the best thing to do is blend a brown tone on your upper eyelid.

Makeup tribute to Shakira and ‘Pa’guys like you’

Speaking of viral, from makeup influencer Camila’s “Nobody is Ugly” account, she paid tribute to Shakira.

Creativity came into relief and reappeared in all color ranges when embellished with different styles of make-up, phrases from the stanzas.

“This is for me to humiliate you.”
chew and swallow, swallow and chew
i won’t go home with you
Don’t you cry to me, don’t beg me
I understood that it is not my fault that they criticize you
I just make music.
You left me as your mother-in-law’s neighbor
With the media at the door and debts in the treasury
I thought you hurt me and you made me stronger
Women don’t cry anymore, women charge”

The video, which has been viewed over 4 million times, has clearly delighted Shakira’s fans (with the words painted on her lips), as well as connoisseurs of the makeup techniques offered by the Spanish influencer. pleased. Choose a side to support.

I took this opportunity to share the message that it’s not enough to just teach you how to make your eyes look bigger, it’s about opening your eyes well in sentimental situations.

Source: Biobiochile

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