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How To Tell If Your Pants Are Fake Or Original: A Guide To Identifying Fake Clothing



Following a survey of counterfeit sales at La Polar, our experts explain how to identify possible fraud before you buy.

Given the controversy a few months ago due to complaints about a La Polar store selling counterfeit clothing, buyers should learn how to identify these scams before buying clothing, especially jeans. I want to know.

actually in the morning nice to meet you This Wednesday, de Mega tackled the issue and explained what the key is for experts to recognize possible fraud. This is Natalia Yáñez, Director of Fashion and Management at the Faculty of Design at Desarolo University.

In the program, some Original jeans characterized by regular and irregular which was a concern of some customers.

Experts say one of the keys to identifying the original pants is Fiber quality, “if there is fuzz, material wear” could mean an alert Similarly, the seams that tend to be stiff in the original product are also finished.

What is the difference between fake pants and irregular pants?

Some brands use the concept of “irregular” and “normal” in their clothing models. It has nothing to do with falsehood and is due to differences in product quality and manufacturing. more economical.

“Sure, in stores you can see that there are products with the same name but different manufacturers.” In this case, Levi’s, for example, has an anomalous version of that model.

but, Not all brands have this option. This helps with fraudulent sales, disguising irregular products as originals. from brands that do not meet these standards.

To identify this type of scam, experts say: It is important to check the clothing code usually on a button or label.

For Levi’s the code is on the button.Each trouser behind the button should have a stamp or number of its provenance. That code gives it some credibility,” he said.

On the other hand, if this code is not on the button, “We also have a matrix.

Labels, basic ways to tell if clothes are fake

Another easy way to identify fraud is a label that stores important product information in addition to size.

Ideally, in these cases the expert should: is to allow the label to be compared with another label on the original product It is also important if not Look at spellings of text, brand names, or distinctive logos that are poorly done. .

In fact, there have been cases of counterfeit sellers intentionally misspelling their brand names, in which case the fraud is readily apparent.

Source: Biobiochile

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