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Beović: Doctors want to work in public healthcare



Proposal of solutions and changes to improve the healthcare system

Medical organizations have prepared proposals for improving the health care system. In the document, the doctors advocated, among other things, the modernization of the management of public institutions, the establishment of salary ratios and administrative relief.

At the beginning of April, the Minister of Health called on doctors at the conference on the challenges of healthcare in the future of the Medical Association of Slovenia to prepare a coordinated document with all medical stakeholders. Danijel Bešič Loredan. In May, the government will convene a joint meeting or conference where all proposals will be discussed”openly discussed“, he said at the time.

Medicine has prepared solutions. On May 15, they were considered by the general assembly of the medical association, and the following day the solutions were confirmed by the Coordination of Medical Organizations.

The document is coordinated not only within the Coordination of Medical Organizations, i.e. between the Medical Association of Slovenia, the Slovenian Medical Association, the Union of Doctors and Dentists of Slovenia and the Professional Association of Private Doctors and Dentists of Slovenia, but also with the Union of Dentists of Slovenia Dens, the Union of Family Medicine Doctors Praktik.um and Mladimi doctors of Slovenia, said the president of the chamber at the president’s health forum Bojana Beović.

According to her, the document is the biggest common denominator, as it is impossible to reach a broader, more detailed consensus among doctors. The message of the document is that doctors want to work in public healthcare, she emphasized.

Modernization of the management of public institutions

The list of solutions it has obtained includes, among other things, the modernization of the management of public institutions in such a way that the state or the local community retains 100% ownership of them, while at the same time they propose the introduction of modern management mechanisms that will ensure greater efficiency, transparency and accountability.

The document specifically states that “public institutions are not transformed into public enterprises or commercial companies“. The transformation of public health institutions into commercial companies was foreseen in the bill for increasing accessibility to health services, which was prepared by the chamber.

The same law also provided for the introduction of the institute of an independent provider of health services. The solution was also preserved in the adopted coordination solutions. “The status will enable doctors to perform additional work, which they will freely agree on with health care providers,” the document reads.

Among the solutions for Slovenian healthcare, the coordination of medical organizations also envisaged the establishment of an independent agency for quality and safety in healthcare and the continuation of digitization in healthcare.

Proposal to shorten some specializations

They argued for harmonizing the duration of medical specializations with the average duration of specializations in the EU, stating that due to the lack of doctors in Slovenia, some specializations can be slightly shortened.

In the document, they also proposed the establishment and development of standards and norms for the work of doctors, which, as they emphasized, is important above all for the organization of work and personnel planning, as well as for the regulation of the salary system in healthcare, which will be commensurate with the salary systems in the developed part of the EU .

They advocated compliance with the EU directive on working time and emphasized that full-time work should be rewarded in a stimulating manner.

The document also foresees the introduction of a normative mechanism for administrative relief. According to the proposal, the Minister of Health would determine with a rulebook which administrative obligations of healthcare providers would be transferred to the Institute for Health Insurance of Slovenia.

The coordination also agreed on the proposal to equalize the coverage of the costs of medical services abroad with the coverage of the costs of medical services in Slovenia by private providers, and advocated changes in the system of public procurement in healthcare.

Source: Rtvslo

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