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What is ‘Goodnight, Cinderella’: drugs Chileans would have been attacked in Brazil



Brazilian health authorities say “Boa Neute Cinderella” is a drug used mainly for “rape purposes” by young people, a series of substances that constitute a real cocktail and cause a range of symptoms from amnesia. Then he loses consciousness and falls into a coma.

This Monday morning, police in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, reported, according to his paper: “Good night, Cinderella” (“Boa Noit, Cinderella”) that is medicine Chilean tourists were put to sleep before they were attacked.

It is worth remembering that two women were detained by local authorities last week on suspicion of complicity in the murder of one of them and leaving a second, seriously injured, compatriot in a ditch.

What is “Good night, Cinderella” (“Boa Noit Cinderella”)?

“Boa noite, Cinderella” (Good night, Cinderella) the substance they would have been with Chilean addicted to drugs in Rio de Janerio has been under the “eye of a hurricane” in Brazil since the 2016 Olympics when scores of tourists were reported to have passed out after partying.

According to a survey of Half UOL with BrazilianThis is not a specific drug, but several different substances mixed with alcoholic beverages that have devastating effects on the body.

“Some of the chemicals used in the scam were “Good night, Cinderella” These include scopolamine, dimethyltryptamine byproducts, ketamine, flunitrazepam, gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB), and some antihistamines. A drug is formed when one or more of these substances are taken with alcohol.

In this regard, according to United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime There are over 100 substances that facilitate drug crime (DFCs), all of which could be part of a good night Cinderella.

What are the effects of drugs?

according to EFESamira Bueno, executive director of the Brazilian Public Health Forum, explained that it is a drug used “for rape purposes” mainly by young people.

“The person is left unconscious and defenseless, which attackers can take advantage of. Very often victims have little recollection of what happened afterwards, making it difficult to prosecute.” added.

In that sense There are individual differences in symptoms It depends on how much you take, but the most common are:

  • amnesia
  • sleepiness
  • unconscious,
  • Hallucination
  • vomiting
  • Overdose can cause coma
  • Furthermore, victims “Good night, Cinderella” You lose control, become incapable of consciously discerning or making decisions, and become susceptible to the intentions of others, before falling into a so-called “blackout” or “blackout.”

    Source: Biobiochile

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