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Advertisement for women’s swimwear sets network on fire, calls for Adidas to boycott: model was male



The product, which has not been categorized under any genre by the brand, asserted that it was trying to “erase” females because of the male model causing controversy on the network. Professional swimmers also talked about it.

The past few days have seen heated discussions and heated debates on social networks. So this is a sports brand. Adidas used Male models (and apparently cisgender) promote new women’s swimwear .

It all happened after Adidas launched a new one-piece women’s swimsuit design created by a South African. rich munishi . The piece is called “Let Love Be Your Legacy” (Spanish for “Let Love Be Your Legacy”) and can be found in the sportswear section of the brand’s website.

but, Despite this being a typically common design in the genre, nowhere is it classified as an outfit focused on a female audience . In fact, the swimwear’s description reads, “This collaboration not only explores fluidity, color and pattern, but also celebrates the unwavering belief that personal expression, imagination and love bring us together (… )” is clearly stated. Our commitment to honoring the LGBTQIA+ community ”.

Therefore, when promoting a product, The brand used the biological male gender model, and possibly cisgender, in its advertising disrupting social networks.

Without going any further, NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines Speaking to Fox News about his views on advertising, he said: “What this image tells me is that women don’t matter and that we aren’t good enough to model even in swimsuits made specifically for women.” .

In response to this statement, Several internet users called for a boycott of the brand And they started discussing what Adidas is like. They will try to “exclude women” from their products .

Some of the comments left by customers of the brand said: “For years, swimwear and bikinis have been made with a small micro crotch area that doesn’t provide enough coverage. When a man comes along, suddenly there’s room for the penis.” .

“Does this Adidas Pride swimsuit come with socks to create a bulge if you’re a woman and don’t have socks?” to add another Internet user.

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