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Full Day: Venezuelan Hot Dogs, How To Prepare To Get More Followers In Chile



Venezuelan cuisine is one of the most popular among Chileans because it is completely different from a completely national cuisine.

each May 24th celebrated in full day In Chile, the day marks a popular and valuable national preparation, but as the years have passed and foreigners have arrived in the country, new versions of the sandwich have appeared on the table. Venezuelan hot dog .

Although there are also complete enthusiasts, such as Italy, Germany, and Dynamic. There are many who disagree with this choice of material.

Therefore, hot dogs were positioned as follows. Inexpensive, easy-to-prepare new alternatives .

How are Venezuelan hot dogs cooked?

In essence, hot dogs have some similarities to full Chilean hot dogs. Its base is still bread and Vienna in addition to traditional sauces.

However, it also binds other components such as: cabbage -also used to make sauerkraut-, Carrot , onion , cheese , potato thread Depending on personal preference, you can add: bacon and coriander sauce .

However, as with the traditional Chilean version, other products can be added or removed according to personal taste.

The cooking method is also very similar, except for the process of heating the pan.

As Andrés de Oliveira of Kitchen Tiktoker points out, The sausage is cooked in water and can be garnished with coriander sprigs for another flavor. .

On top of this pot is A colander or steamer to heat the steamed buns . However, this should be cut in the top half, not the sides like the chili preparation.

After this process, mayonnaise, mustard, coriander It has been placed Between bread before Vienna .

Meanwhile, on top of the sausage, Shredded Cabbage and Carrot Mix, Raw Onions, Coriander Sauce, Cheese, Hiro Potatoes .Finally, you can add ketchup for any preparation grill the cheese or add bacon .

But if you’re one of the staunchest followers of the national team, don’t worry. This option is still available at various restaurants.

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