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Triple-negative breast cancer: what is Claudia Conserva and Airen Mirra’s disease?



Airen Mira and Claudia Conserva have triple-negative breast cancer, a particularly aggressive form of breast cancer with limited treatment options, and both are exploring different ways to raise awareness about the disease. there is

last morning, Airen Mira admit to suffering triple negative breast cancer or “foundation”, which is also affected by Claudia Reserve .

is about A particularly alarming variant of the disease It causes the same symptoms as other forms of breast cancer and spreads rapidly, but because it lacks the receptors normally found in breast cancer that doctors can use to approach treatment. This means that this cancer is particularly complex and lacks the usual alternatives for other cancers.

According to the description of CDC In the United States, these receptors are cell surface proteins that bind to female hormones such as estrogen and progesterone, as well as the HER22 protein. A “triple-negative” breast cancer contains none of these three.

“Fortunately, chemotherapy remains an effective option,” officials acknowledged, noting side effects such as temporary hair loss, nausea, fatigue, inflammation and skin changes.

according to American Cancer Societythis type accounts for about 10% to 15% of all breast cancers and is most common in women under the age of 40, black people, or women with malignant-suppressing BRCA1 gene mutations.

In both tissues, treatment generally begins with the removal of the tumor (lumpectomy) or the entire breast (mastectomy), after which the patient can remove cancer cells that cannot be seen, cancer cells that remain in the breast, Or they detail that they will receive chemotherapy to attack cancer cells that are already there. Spread. Also to reduce the chances of cancer regrowth.

Radiation therapy may then be given to kill any cancer cells that may remain in the breast. Similarly, if the cancer has spread elsewhere in the body, other treatments such as PARP inhibitors, platinum chemotherapy, and immunotherapy, which block the repair of damaged DNA, are considered.

To date, Airen Mira has already undergone 16 rounds of chemotherapy and has reached a stage where she believes she needs to be made aware of her condition and raise awareness. Claudia Conserva is starring in a documentary series about her own experiences with the disease.

Source: Biobiochile

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