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YAPP and Segros SURA allow the use of complementary health insurance at independent pharmacies



The partnership will enable more than 250,000 people with group insurance to reimburse the value of their medications directly at their neighborhood pharmacy, nonprofit foundation, or professional organization. More than 500 facilities will adopt this reimbursement scheme, including the Chilean Federation Against Epilepsy.

chile startup Yap next to SURA insurancesigned an agreement that allows more than 250,000 policyholders to purchase medications at independent pharmacies with group coverage.

This is the first time that users of complementary medical insurance will be able to use medical insurance at this type of pharmacy in addition to major chain stores. Customers can instantly refund their purchases online.

Among the first pharmacies to benefit are the 16 stores of the Chilean Epilepsy Federation, a recognized non-profit foundation that makes expensive medicines more affordable. More brands will join in the coming months, adding more than 500 stores for users to join. group health insurance Segros SURA allows you to reimburse your drug costs directly.

At the national level, independent pharmacies account for 73% of the market, so with this measure Segros SURA expands the choice of access to medicines for users of group insurance, who are covered on average 65% of the value of the medicine. To do. Through health insurance.

“Improving access to medicines”

The signing of the agreement took place at one of the League’s headquarters and was attended by representatives of Pharmacy, YAPP and Segros SURA.

Mauricio Ferrari, CEO and co-founder of YAPP Chile, said: “It’s a breakthrough for Chilean startups to be able to provide independent pharmacies with technology that was previously exclusive to a few pharmacies. It’s a great event,” he said.

“This strengthens our proposition that users can choose where they buy their medicines. La Liga was one of the first pharmacies to trust us and we will now make this technology available to our patients.” “It will be,” Ferrari said.

“We are constantly innovating and creating alliances that allow us to build an ecosystem of benefits that enhance the value we offer,” said Juan Cifuentes, Vice President of Clients, Access and Ecosystem at Segros SURA. “I will.”

“The implementation of this new service through YAPP allows us to incorporate non-traditional pharmacies into our network of pharmacies that offer online discounts on medicines, bringing them closer to our customers’ daily lives and providing access to medicines at affordable prices. It connects to our purpose of improving.’ It’s convenient,” Sifuentes added.

Meanwhile, Juan Caro, general manager of the Chilean League against Epilepsy, said: “We appreciate this measure because it will also allow patients and customers of the League’s pharmacies to access online reimbursement for their health insurance. ” he explained. This is an advancement in technology and an advantage that allows us to continue to improve and expand our services to the entire community. ”

If independent pharmacies would like to participate in this innovation, they should contact YAPP Chile at [email protected].

YAPP and Segros SURA allow the use of complementary health insurance at independent pharmacies
SURA insurance

Source: Biobiochile

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