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Irma Gubanec was again elected as the president of the Council of UKC Ljubljana



Due to changes in legislation, a new council of the Ljubljana Clinical Center was formed. The members of the council elected government representative Irma Gubanec as president, who also held this position in the previous composition of the council.

Current council members UCC Ljubljana are next to Irma Gubanec yet Tomaž Slana, Igor Alfirević, Suzana Bolčič Agostini as government representatives, Bojan Ivanc je representative of the insured, Gorazd Plevnik and a representative of the users. He is a representative of the workers Matjaž Turel, who, according to the founding act, is also the vice-president of the UKC council.

The reason for the changes lies in the legislative changes of the current government. Now former Minister of Health Danijel Bešič Loredan announced the professionalization of the councils of health institutions upon taking over the health department. The legal basis for this was provided by the law on emergency measures to ensure stability in healthcare, adopted last July.

Based on the law, the government first had to harmonize the acts on the establishment of the institutions – it did so just before the end of last year, and then the councils of the institutions were on the move, which according to the law should have harmonized their statutes within 60 days, which some did not do. On August 30, the government appointed six members of the new councils to the councils of those institutes that harmonized their statutes – this is the majority of institutes -.

At the meeting, the members of the UKC council also considered the report on operations in the first six months of this year and the report on the state of current investments.

Source: Rtvslo

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