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Gambling disorder: a potentially life-destroying disorder caused by gambling or gambling addiction



Following the recent cancellation of some online casinos, gambling-related issues, or gambling problems, have come to the fore again.

A few days ago, an internet company pacific world Supreme Court ruling blocks 23 illegal web casinos .

This action taken by the Third Tribunal is Due to a protection objection filed by Polla Chilena , a state-owned company responsible for managing games of chance. This ruling confirms the illegality of digital gambling sites.

In this connection, an issue that is closely related to casinos arises: gambling.according to mayo clinic, Compulsive gambling is compulsive gambling, also known as gambling disorder . This uncontrollable urge to gamble causes people to stop thinking about the consequences of their actions.

in the words of a psychologist Miguel Roathe characteristics of this disorder are: Chronic and progressive failure to resist these urges . Gambling involves a willingness to lose something of value in the hope of gaining something greater in return.

Gambling Disorder: Life-Destructive Gambling and Compulsive Gambling Disorder

gambling addiction: gambling addiction

The big difference between casual bettors and addicted gamblers is that sporadic players stop betting after losing a certain amount of money or setting a certain spending limit. This is not observed in gamblers . People with compulsive gambling problems feel the urge to continue gambling to get their money back, and their behavior becomes destructive.

The Mayo Clinic found that among people who gamble, Stimulates the brain’s reward system in a similar way to drugs and alcohol therefore, There are completely legitimate and genuine addictions. .

Gambling Disorder: Life-Destructive Gambling and Compulsive Gambling Disorder

As a result, a person with a gambling addiction may not only incur large amounts of debt, but also lose all their savings and assets. There are also cases of gambling addiction. They resort to theft and fraud to hide their addictive behavior. .

How to recognize gambling addiction?

In addition to the behaviors listed above, symptoms of a gambling addict may include:

– Generate situations with stakes.
・Anxiety when quitting gambling addiction.
– Feeling the need to gamble more and more money in search of adrenaline.
– Make bets as a workaround.
– Seek help from a third party to pay off your gambling debts.

Therapist Miguel Roa explains that just as not everyone who drinks becomes an alcoholic, not everyone who gambles becomes an addict. Although these actions are typical of physical casinos, Many people rely on online versions to continue their impulsive behavior .

Gambling addiction can destroy lives, but like any addiction, there are treatments. If you notice any of the above behaviors or signs in a family member, friend, or yourself, please seek professional help and support.

Source: Biobiochile

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