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14 hospitals and medical centers opened their doors to visitors



World Patient Safety Day

In 14 medical institutions under the slogan “Voice to the patient” an open day for visitors. It is one of the events that will mark World Patient Safety Day in healthcare, which will otherwise be on Sunday.

The purpose of the events is to empower and raise awareness among patients. A patient who understands his diagnosis and agrees to the therapy is safer.

Today, clinical centers in Ljubljana and Maribor, as well as the Oncology Institute, some general hospitals and some medical centers open their doors to visitors. The organizers are preparing many activities, such as lectures, round tables and counseling for patients. As the Secretary General of the Association of Patient Organizations explains Gregor Cuzakguided tours will also be interesting for visitors.

Visitors will be able to see laboratories, operating rooms…, there are also workshops here, in most medical centers we have a program with a presentation of what things are done in relation to safety,” he listed.

Visitors will be able to see the operation of the equipment and take health measurements. The purpose of the events is to establish trust and cooperation and to change the relationship between the healthcare system and patients, Cuzak emphasizes: “Healthcare often enters the media space with a very negative connotation, when something goes wrong, when there is some case of corruption, inefficient organization of queues… Here we saw an opportunity to highlight some positive practices.”

According to the patient’s rights representative, such an event is useful, even necessary, given the situation in healthcare Marjan Sušeljwho will participate in the open day at the Ljubljana Health Center.

We will have the issue of a lay diabetes counselor where patients try to help other patients. Someone who already has diabetes can advise and help other patients with their experience, with their skills in monitoring and managing this disease,” he explained.

The organizers urge all visitors to attend events in medical institutions only if they are completely healthy, without signs of infection or cold.

Source: Rtvslo

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